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Fatal Pedestrian Accident Puts Self Driving Vehicles On Hold

Many auto companies are developing self-driving technology. If the technology can be perfected, self-driving cars could help eliminate nearly all motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, in practice these vehicles still have issues to resolve, and for now one company has put its self-driving vehicles program on hold after a fatal accident with a pedestrian last week.

The popular ridesharing company Uber has been experimenting with driverless technology in several major U.S. cities. Last week, a woman was walking her bicycle across a street in Tempe, Arizona when one of Uber’s self-driving vehicles failed to stop, causing a fatal auto pedestrian accident. Uber’s self-driving vehicles are equipped with a human driver to react in cases of emergency, but unfortunately the driver was not watching the road when the accident occurred.

In response to the fatal car accident, Uber has stopped its self-driving programs in Pittsburgh, Tempe, San Francisco, and Toronto and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is investigating the circumstances of the crash.

This is not the first time the NTSB has investigated a self-driving vehicle accident. In 2016, the agency investigated a crash involving a Tesla Model S. This vehicle is not fully autonomous, but does offer many semi-autonomous features designed to help keep drivers safe. While the NTSB determined the vehicle was not at fault for the car accident, the agency did note “overreliance on vehicle automation” was a contributing factor.

What Self-Driving Vehicles Mean For Our Roadways

While self-driving vehicles do hold the potential to prevent nearly all car accidents, the technology still needs strict oversight to ensure car accidents do not occur. When companies fail to properly monitor self-driving prototypes, everyone on the roadways is at risk. It doesn’t matter if a person or a computer is driving a car, all motor vehicles have to be driven safely and responsibly.

Until self-driving technology is improved, it will pose a risk to passengers, other motorists, and pedestrians. Luckily, most people don’t come in contact with self-driving vehicles, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other threats on the roadways. Although safety technology has come a long way, drivers remain at risk due to a number of other factors, like drunk drivers, distracted drivers, and fatigued drivers, among others.

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Celebrate Road Safety At Work Week With These Tips

Transportation accidents on the jobsite are causing an increasing number of injuries and fatalities. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 45% of all workplace fatalities involve motor vehicle accidents. An extreme lack of training in workplace motor vehicle operations is one of the reasons for such a high number of workplace motor vehicle accident fatalities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 60% of all workplace vehicle accident fatalities involve a driver who is not a professionally trained driver by trade. Because of these startling statistics, workers should observe Road Safety at Work Week from March 5-9 by familiarizing themselves with safety tips that can prevent workplace motor vehicle accidents.

  1. Create a transportation plan. When you plan out what vehicles will be doing what jobs, workers will have a better understanding of where vehicles will be and can exercise caution.
  2. Always use a spotter. Because all vehicles have blind spots, it’s wise to always use a spotter outside of the vehicle. A spotter can help prevent collisions and keep the rest of the jobsite safe.
  3. Always use blinkers when turning. Drivers should always use blinkers when driving, but this is particularly important on a busy jobsite. Blinkers help everyone around you understand where your vehicle is traveling.
  4. Mark out a path for vehicles. If your jobsite utilizes one or more vehicles, mark out a visible path for them with cones, barriers, and warning signs. Providing vehicles with their own space can go a long way toward preventing collisions.
  5. Always wear reflective clothing. Even if it’s a bright sunny day, always wear reflective clothing on the jobsite when vehicles are in operation. This ensures all workers are visible to vehicle operators.
  6. Have daily safety meeting. Safety isn’t just about following rules – it’s a mindset. By holding regular safety meetings that address certain dangers on the jobsite, companies can create an environment that keeps everyone safe.

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Driving Tips For Icy Roads

This is a busy time of year for many people. Now that the holidays are gone, many people are getting back into their regular routines. Despite a return to normalcy, the winter weather can still cause dangerous driving conditions. To help keep the roads safe and prevent car accidents, drivers should follow six driving tips for maneuvering on icy roads.

  1. Slow Down – Whenever a weather condition affects the roads – like ice, sleet, or snow – drivers should slow down. Driving extra cautiously can go a long way from preventing accidents.
  2. Leave Plenty of Space – Icy roads can make it difficult for vehicles to stop quickly. By leaving extra space between cars, you can ensure you have enough space to stop if necessary.
  3. Watch For Black Ice – Even the most experienced drivers can fall victim to black ice. Part of the danger of black ice is that it’s difficult to see, so drivers need to be particularly attentive when driving in extremely cold conditions.
  4. Know If The Roads Are Safe – Sometimes road conditions are just too dangerous. Before you get behind the wheel, check whether or not the roads are actually drivable. It only takes a moment of time and it could save you from severe roadway accidents.
  5. Check Your Tires – Winter is tough on tires. Before each trip, make sure all of your vehicle tires have the appropriate tire pressure. Dramatic changes in temperature can quickly affect tire pressure, so never assume your tires are safe to drive on without checking.
  6. Take It Easy – Don’t accelerate or decelerate too quickly. Both can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

Driving Safely Is Your Responsibility

Many drivers don’t think much about the decisions they make behind the wheel. Behaviors like running a red light, speeding, or reading a text message while driving seem very innocent. However, the reality is that in less than a second, behaviors like these can have fatal consequences. There is no excuse for reckless driving. If road conditions deteriorate, each driver is responsible to drive with extra caution.

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