Divorce / Family Law

Divorce / Family Law


Like it or not, matters of family law affect our everyday lives. When managing divorces, dividing property, and determining and renegotiating custody, hiring a legal expert with your best interests at heart can provide the knowledge and support necessary to obtain the best results. You can put your trust in Glisson Law to provide steady, competent legal assistance in these emotionally trying times.

Child Custody

If your former or soon-to-be former spouse has a mind to cut you out of the life of the children you love and have helped to raise, retaining counsel is the best way to get the point across that you mean business. The attorney on the other side will be doing his or her best to catch you off-guard with leading questions. Bringing an attorney of your own to meetings can even the playing field.

Our attorneys can also help to iron out matters of child support and custody supervision, as well as handle disputes between unmarried or same sex couples. Will one of the parents be visiting from out of state? Is genetic testing required to confirm fatherhood? Is domestic abuse involved in the dissolution of the marriage, civil union, or relationship? Does the child consider one parent to be the primary caregiver over the other? All of these considerations and more contribute to the handling of a child custody case.

Property Distribution

In the aftermath of a divorce, what should belong to you, and what should belong to the other party? One important distinction to make is between marital property and non-marital property — that is, property acquired before the marriage began, obtained as a gift, or resulting from one’s descent. Non-marital property is not subject to changing hands. Property gained during the marriage and shared by both parties, however, is subject to division, depending on a number of factors.

Other Areas of Family Law

Based in Alton, Illinois, Glisson Law assists clients in the bi-state area with drafting prenuptial agreements. Writing up a contract prior to marriage may not sound particularly romantic, but it can be a practical, loving measure the two parties can take to part ways amicably — and with minimal dispute — in the event that the two parties grow apart years down the line.

If you are looking for information about estate planning, please visit our Wills & Trusts practice areas page.

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There are many other areas to consider in any divorce or family law case that we do not have room to list and describe here. If you have a question, we recommend calling our office for assistance.

Glisson Law offers competitive rates in all legal matters of family and divorce. If you are feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of handling a divorce on your own, our attorneys can offer you peace of mind. Please contact us at your nearest convenience, and we will arrange an appointment to discuss your particular situation. We can be reached at (618) 462-1077.

Regardless of whether a case is minor or major, simple or complicated, we are invested in getting results for all of our clients. Please visit our Results Page or Testimonials Page to see proof of our high level of success and quality service.