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Alton Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Aggressive protection for injured motorcyclists and bikers in Illinois

There are few experiences more freeing than taking to the open road on a motorcycle. Unfortunately, drivers don’t always consider the safety of riders, and that can put you in a perilous position. Motorcycle riders can sustain life-altering injuries in the event of a crash.

Luckily, we know what to do. The motorcycle accident lawyers of Glisson Law have been fighting for injury victims for more than 25 years. We understand the challenges you face on your road to recovery. Whether your injuries are the result of a negligent driver or another negligent entity, we are here to help. From our office in Alton, we serve clients throughout Illinois and Missouri; let us help you, too.

How often do motorcycle accidents happen in Illinois?

The National Safety Council (NSC) reports in the United States in 2020, motorcyclists accounted for:

  • 14% of all traffic fatalities
  • 18% of all occupant fatalities
  • 4% of all occupant injuries

They also noted “A factor that directly influences motorcycle fatality trends is helmet use,” but more on that in a moment.

Here in Illinois in 2020, there were 2,991 motorcycle crashes, with 2,404 motorcyclists injured and 152 fatalities.

Alton Illinois Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

What are a motorcycle driver’s responsibilities on the road?

As much as motorists are required to respect a motorcyclist’s right to be on the road, the driver of a motorcycle has a duty to exercise ordinary care – meaning to act as a reasonably prudent motorcycle driver under current circumstances. Motorcyclists have the same rights as motor vehicles on the roadway and must follow the rules of the road, as well as local laws regarding motorcycles.

What are the helmet laws in Illinois?

Under Illinois law, motorcyclists are not required to wear a helmet. This means if you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you cannot be found negligent for not wearing a helmet. Lack of wearing a helmet will not come into play in the event your case goes before a jury.

What if I’m injured as a passenger in a motorcycle accident?

You can still file a claim against the liable party, even if it was the driver of the bike on which you were a passenger. Clients are always unsure if they are entitled to a financial recovery when they are the passenger of a motorcycle, and the motorcycle driver is at fault for the accident.

Our firm represented the family of a passenger of a motorcycle who was killed when the motorcycle driver ran a red light. In this unfortunate accident, both the driver and the passenger died. Our firm was able to make a recovery for the passenger’s family from the insurance company for the motorcyclist, as well as from other defendants.

Under Illinois law, drivers of motorcycles and automobiles are required to have insurance. The insurance on the motorcycle will generally cover the driver for negligence and for causing an accident.

Good To Know: Most motorcycle deaths occurred between the months of June to September. [MoneyGeek]


How can your Alton motorcycle accident lawyers help my claim?

Just some of the past cases our firm has successfully handled include:

  • Passenger of motorcycle killed when driver of motorcycle ran a red light.
  • Passenger of motorcycle killed when driver of motorcycle lost control while approaching a T intersection.
  • Driver of motorcycle lost control of motorcycle after rear tire was inappropriately serviced, causing skull fracture and brain injury (Negligence By Service Company).
  • Automobile pulled out of gas station in front of motorcycle, motorcycle driver struck automobile and flipped through the air several times. The was no head injury because of a helmet. Driver sustained traumatic bilateral carpal tunnel from jamming hands into handlebars.
  • Motor vehicle backed out of home onto a 45 mph roadway in front of motorcycle. Motorcycle lost control and was forced to lay down bike, resulting in severe injury and disfigurement.

What is the value of my Alton motorcycle accident case?

When the attorneys at Glisson Law take your case, we fight aggressively for all the compensation to which you’re entitled for your injuries and losses. Although this exact number will vary for each unique case, we take the following into account:

  • Medical expenses, current and future
  • Lost wages and future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering, current and future
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Life care and planning

In the event you lose a loved one to a motorcycle accident, we can file a wrongful death claim on your behalf. Rest assured we are here to help.


Do you have a motorcycle accident lawyer near me?

Glisson Law is located at 111 East Fourth Street, Suite 400, in Alton, IL. We’re a block away from City Hall, and you can find plenty of parking across the street. There’s also a bus stop right outside our office. Glisson Law conducts phone and video conferences when applicable, and makes home and hospital visits if you cannot travel to us.

Experienced Alton motorcycle accident injury attorneys

For 25 years, the team at Glisson Law fights for victims of motorcycle accidents throughout the Alton area. We handle correspondence and negotiation with insurance companies so you can take the time you need to heal from your injuries or grieve the loss of your loved one. Look to us to maximize your compensation and secure the resources you need to move on with your live as comfortably as you can. To schedule a free consultation, call our offices or fill out our contact form. We proudly serve Belleville, Edwardsville, St. Clair and Madison County, and all of Southwestern Illinois.