Celebrate Road Safety At Work Week With These Tips

Transportation accidents on the jobsite are causing an increasing number of injuries and fatalities. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 45% of all workplace fatalities involve motor vehicle accidents. An extreme lack of training in workplace motor vehicle operations is one of the reasons for such a high number of workplace motor vehicle accident fatalities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 60% of all workplace vehicle accident fatalities involve a driver who is not a professionally trained driver by trade. Because of these startling statistics, workers should observe Road Safety at Work Week from March 5-9 by familiarizing themselves with safety tips that can prevent workplace motor vehicle accidents.

  1. Create a transportation plan. When you plan out what vehicles will be doing what jobs, workers will have a better understanding of where vehicles will be and can exercise caution.
  2. Always use a spotter. Because all vehicles have blind spots, it’s wise to always use a spotter outside of the vehicle. A spotter can help prevent collisions and keep the rest of the jobsite safe.
  3. Always use blinkers when turning. Drivers should always use blinkers when driving, but this is particularly important on a busy jobsite. Blinkers help everyone around you understand where your vehicle is traveling.
  4. Mark out a path for vehicles. If your jobsite utilizes one or more vehicles, mark out a visible path for them with cones, barriers, and warning signs. Providing vehicles with their own space can go a long way toward preventing collisions.
  5. Always wear reflective clothing. Even if it’s a bright sunny day, always wear reflective clothing on the jobsite when vehicles are in operation. This ensures all workers are visible to vehicle operators.
  6. Have daily safety meeting. Safety isn’t just about following rules – it’s a mindset. By holding regular safety meetings that address certain dangers on the jobsite, companies can create an environment that keeps everyone safe.

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