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Fatal Pedestrian Accident Puts Self Driving Vehicles On Hold

Many auto companies are developing self-driving technology. If the technology can be perfected, self-driving cars could help eliminate nearly all motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, in practice these vehicles still have issues to resolve, and for now one company has put its self-driving vehicles program on hold after a fatal accident with a pedestrian last week.

The popular ridesharing company Uber has been experimenting with driverless technology in several major U.S. cities. Last week, a woman was walking her bicycle across a street in Tempe, Arizona when one of Uber’s self-driving vehicles failed to stop, causing a fatal auto pedestrian accident. Uber’s self-driving vehicles are equipped with a human driver to react in cases of emergency, but unfortunately the driver was not watching the road when the accident occurred.

In response to the fatal car accident, Uber has stopped its self-driving programs in Pittsburgh, Tempe, San Francisco, and Toronto and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is investigating the circumstances of the crash.

This is not the first time the NTSB has investigated a self-driving vehicle accident. In 2016, the agency investigated a crash involving a Tesla Model S. This vehicle is not fully autonomous, but does offer many semi-autonomous features designed to help keep drivers safe. While the NTSB determined the vehicle was not at fault for the car accident, the agency did note “overreliance on vehicle automation” was a contributing factor.

What Self-Driving Vehicles Mean For Our Roadways

While self-driving vehicles do hold the potential to prevent nearly all car accidents, the technology still needs strict oversight to ensure car accidents do not occur. When companies fail to properly monitor self-driving prototypes, everyone on the roadways is at risk. It doesn’t matter if a person or a computer is driving a car, all motor vehicles have to be driven safely and responsibly.

Until self-driving technology is improved, it will pose a risk to passengers, other motorists, and pedestrians. Luckily, most people don’t come in contact with self-driving vehicles, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other threats on the roadways. Although safety technology has come a long way, drivers remain at risk due to a number of other factors, like drunk drivers, distracted drivers, and fatigued drivers, among others.

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If you were injured in a St. Louis car accident, you deserve to hold the negligent party responsible. Call The Glisson Law Firm today for a free consultation to discuss your legal options.

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Driving Tips For Icy Roads

This is a busy time of year for many people. Now that the holidays are gone, many people are getting back into their regular routines. Despite a return to normalcy, the winter weather can still cause dangerous driving conditions. To help keep the roads safe and prevent car accidents, drivers should follow six driving tips for maneuvering on icy roads.

  1. Slow Down – Whenever a weather condition affects the roads – like ice, sleet, or snow – drivers should slow down. Driving extra cautiously can go a long way from preventing accidents.
  2. Leave Plenty of Space – Icy roads can make it difficult for vehicles to stop quickly. By leaving extra space between cars, you can ensure you have enough space to stop if necessary.
  3. Watch For Black Ice – Even the most experienced drivers can fall victim to black ice. Part of the danger of black ice is that it’s difficult to see, so drivers need to be particularly attentive when driving in extremely cold conditions.
  4. Know If The Roads Are Safe – Sometimes road conditions are just too dangerous. Before you get behind the wheel, check whether or not the roads are actually drivable. It only takes a moment of time and it could save you from severe roadway accidents.
  5. Check Your Tires – Winter is tough on tires. Before each trip, make sure all of your vehicle tires have the appropriate tire pressure. Dramatic changes in temperature can quickly affect tire pressure, so never assume your tires are safe to drive on without checking.
  6. Take It Easy – Don’t accelerate or decelerate too quickly. Both can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

Driving Safely Is Your Responsibility

Many drivers don’t think much about the decisions they make behind the wheel. Behaviors like running a red light, speeding, or reading a text message while driving seem very innocent. However, the reality is that in less than a second, behaviors like these can have fatal consequences. There is no excuse for reckless driving. If road conditions deteriorate, each driver is responsible to drive with extra caution.

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At The Glisson Law Firm, we regularly work with car accident victims to help them get complete compensation for their injuries. If you were injured in a car accident, contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. We can help you understand your legal options and pursue compensation on your behalf.

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Distracted Driving Causing Record Number of Car Accidents

For many of us, driving is a pretty easy task. We learn to drive during our teenage years and spend hundreds of hours behind the wheel each year. Even though driving is a fairly easy task, it does require complete and total attention. Unfortunately, drivers are increasingly allowing distractions into their vehicles that are causing a record number of car accidents. For many victims of these accidents, the only way to hold the negligent driver responsible is with the help of a distracted driving accident lawyer.

Defining Distracted Driving

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identifies three types of distractions for drivers: visual, manual, and cognitive. Visual distractions take your eyes off the road while manual distractions take your hands off the road. Many people don’t realize that cognitive distractions – taking your mind off the task of driving – are just as dangerous as visual and manual distractions.

Distractions have always been present in vehicles. Things like personal grooming, eating, changing the radio station, or talking to passengers have caused accidents since the inception of the car, but new technology is greatly increasing distractions for drivers.

Infotainment Systems Causing Distractions

Many cars now come with In-Vehicle Information Systems commonly referred to as infotainment systems. These tiny computers and screens give drivers the ability to program a GPS, utilize smartphone apps, and perform hands free calls, all while driving their cars. While these systems are very useful, drivers that use them while the car is moving are combining all three types of distractions. Drivers have to take a hand off the wheel to operate the screen, take their eyes off the road to see the screen, and are cognitively focused on the task taking place on the infotainment system.

According to a study conducted by AAA, drivers that program their GPS while driving are distracted for an average of 40 seconds. Even at a low speed of 25 MPH, a driver could travel the length of four football fields in just those 40 seconds.

We All Know Cell Phones Are Dangerous, So Why Do We Use Them While Driving?

Cell phones are the most common and most dangerous distraction for drivers. While 92% of Americans believe distracted driving is a top cause of car accidents, studies have found that as many as 70% of Americans use a cell phone while driving. Just like using an infotainment system, using a cell phone while driving involves all three types of distractions, making it incredibly dangerous.

So why do so many people use cell phones while driving if they know it’s dangerous? Some drivers may mistakenly believe they can use a cell phone safely while driving. They believe if they make themselves look up from their phones every few seconds, or if they are driving at a slower speed, then using a cell phone isn’t as dangerous. This is completely false. There is no safe way to use a cell phone while driving. Drivers who choose to use a cell phone while driving are being incredibly reckless and selfish. Distracted driving puts everyone on the roadways at risk. A distracted driving accident lawyer can help victims get the help they need to cover the cost of medical expenses and hold the other driver accountable.

Contact A Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer

If a distracted driver injured you in a car accident, contact a distracted driving accident lawyer at The Glisson Law Firm immediately. We can help you hold the negligent driver responsible and get complete compensation for your injuries. Call us today to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.

flipped car shown from lawsuit where Jerseyville, Illinois Family Files Suit In Wrongful Death Action

Jerseyville, Illinois Family Files Suit In Wrongful Death Action

flipped car shown from lawsuit where Jerseyville, Illinois Family Files Suit In Wrongful Death ActionOn February 25, 2009 a Jerseyville, Illinois man was on his way to work when he was killed in a tragic accident involving a drunk driver, who was also killed in the accident. According to Illinois State Police, the drunk driver, age 32, crossed the center line and struck and killed the victim, age 55, on Route 3 near Godfrey, Illinois in Madison County. The victim was survived by his spouse and two children.

On July 22, 2009, the family filed suit against the estate of the drunk driver in Madison County, Illinois. The suit was filed pursuant to the Illinois Wrongful Death Act, and seeks damages including loss of support and loss of love, affection, guidance of a spouse and father. The lawsuit was filed by the Alton attorney Michael Glisson, of the law firm WWF&G.

The law firm of WWF&G are aggressive advocates for victims of drunk driving incidents. If you or your family has been injured by a drunk driver, please contact our firm for a free consultation at 618-462-1077 or visit our website.

Totaled Car used to Show Ways to Protect Yourself in an Auto Accident

Seven Ways to Protect Yourself in an Auto Accident

Totaled Car used to Show Ways to Protect Yourself in an Auto AccidentDid you know that over 2.3 million people were injured in car accidents last year according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration? When it comes to auto accidents it’s not a matter of if it will happen to you, but when it will happen to you. In order to protect yourself better, the St. Louis Metro East Law Firm of WWF&G has created a seven-step guide of better protecting yourself if you are a victim of an auto accident.

  1. Stop Your Car. It is the law to stop your vehicle after an accident. If you fail to stop you may subject yourself to criminal prosecution. Stop your car as soon as possible without further endangering any person or property, and without obstructing traffic.
  2. Safety First. Make sure that everyone is okay. Render aid to anyone in need. Call 911 for an ambulance or for police assistance.
  3. Take a Breath. Once the accident has occurred there is nothing you can do and to change the situation. It is better for you to keep your cool and make sure that all parties are okay. Remaining polite will ease the tension of the situation. Ultimately, you may be entitled to a recovery, but a jury is not going to want to help someone who acts inappropriately at an accident scene – accidents happen.
  4. Call the Police. You should call the local authorities to file a police report. Police officers are trained to handle situations that may result from or arise after an accident. Having a police report can help speed up the process of filing your insurance claim and provides more information for your attorney to file a suit or defend your case.
  5. Gather Information & Photos. While you are waiting on the police you should gather as much information about each driver, witness, vehicle, and location from the accident. If you happen to have a camera or camera phone be sure to take pictures of vehicle damage, license plates, injuries, and the location.
  6. Treat With A Doctor As Necessary. If anyone is injured, have them take an ambulance or see a doctor immediately. It is better to be safe than sorry. A delay in treatment can be treated negatively by an insurance company evaluating your claim, and ultimately a jury.
  7. Consult With An Attorney. To assure the best overall results from your incident you, consult a lawyer of your personal choice. Most attorneys will give you a free consultation on this type of case. Your insurance company will always be represented by trained adjustors or by an attorney, and they may take advantage of you.

If you or a family member has been injured in auto accident, please feel free to contact WWF&G for a free consultation at 618.462.1077. We handle numerous cases similar to yours, and deal with insurance companies on a daily basis. We will maximize your financial recovery while you maximize your recovery from injuries.

cell phone from case where Illinois Outlaws Texting While Driving

Illinois Outlaws Texting While Driving

cell phone from case where Illinois Outlaws Texting While DrivingThe federal government estimates that 30% of all vehicle accidents in the U.S. are caused by driver distraction. This includes not only talking on the phone, but texting as well. Text messaging, or texting, is a term referring to the exchange of brief written messages between mobile phones, over cellular networks. It is very common among teenagers.

The State of Illinois has taken appropriate action. The Associated Press reports that Illinois has outlawed texting while driving. Illinois motorists will be issued a ticket if they send a text message or read their messages while their car is moving.

The law will be controversial because it does not outlaw reading navigation systems, but does outlaw texting.

Drivers are allowed to check messages if they pull over to the side of the road or are at a standstill in traffic, for instance at a train crossing when their car is in park or neutral.

Governor Quinn signed the bill at a ceremony at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago with Secretary of State Jesse White.

The law firm of WWF&G regularly represents clients who are injured as a result of driver distraction. During a deposition in one case, it was confirmed that the Defendant driver of a vehicle was arguing with his wife on a cell phone, when he ran a stop sign at 70 mph. Not only did he cause severe and permanent injuries to the Plaintiff, but he was killed in the accident.

The law firm of WWF&G takes a hard stance against drivers who ignore the safety of others. Many drivers will deny the use of cell phones during an accident. However, we regularly subpoena cell phone records of Defendant drivers to confirm or deny if the defendant driver was talking or texting at the time of an accident. If you or your family have been injured as the result this type of accident, please contact our firm for a free consultation at 618-462-1077.

Wrecked Car from Cases where Illinois High Risk Auto Insurance Carriers Make It Difficult On Injury Victims

Illinois High Risk Auto Insurance Carriers Make It Difficult On Injury Victims

Wrecked Car from Cases where Illinois High Risk Auto Insurance Carriers Make It Difficult On Injury VictimsIn Illinois, the minimum liability limit for motor vehicle coverage is $20,000 per person. It is commonly called a 20/40 policy, meaning that the insured is covered up to $20,000 per person that is injured, but no more than $40,000 to all injury victims per occurrence. This means if several persons are injured, they will be splitting $40,000. In blue collar areas such as Madison County, Illinois and Alton, Illinois, many drivers have these high risk policies.

Insurance companies, such as Affirmative Insurance, who write these policies do not give much protection to their insureds. The insureds are personally liable for all damages over the limit. For example, if a jury awards $50,000 in damages to an injured party, the insurance will pay their limit of $20,000, and the insured is personally liable for the additional $30,000.

Many drivers do not know what type of coverage they have or their liability limits. You should check your policy or speak with your insurance agent. Most good insurance companies will not write a 20/40 policy, and will not recommend this type of policy.

If you are injured by an insured with a 20/40 policy, expect a fight. They will often times fail to pay good claims, leaving injured parties with climbing medical bills and lost wages uncompensated. Further, they do not protect the personal assets of their insureds by getting the case settled within the policy limits – leaving their insureds exposed to personal liability.

How can you protect yourself against a driver with low limits? Increase your “underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage”. All auto coverages provide coverage if you are injured by a driver without insurance (uninsured driver) or a driver with lower limits than you have (underinsured claim). For example, if you have a 100/300 policy, and sustain serious permanent injury in an auto accident, you will be covered by your own policy up to $100,000. This is how it works. If you are hit by an uninsured driver, your policy will protect you up to $100,000 as if the other driver were insured. If you are injured by an insured driver with a lower limit than you (“underinsured“), such as 20/40, your insurance company will cover you for the difference between their policy and your policy – in this case an additional $80,000.

This type of coverage is cheap. Ask your agent to increase your uninsured and underinsured limits. The more you have, the more you are protecting yourself regardless of the insurance liability limits of another driver. You can get limits of 100/300, 250/500, 500/1,000 or more – discuss this with your agent.

The law firm of WWF&G represents numerous victims of auto accidents, many who are injured by uninsured or underinsured drivers. We recently met with a man who was a passenger involved in a one car accident, where he lost all of his fingers on his dominant hand. He is a laborer from the Alton, Illnois area, and will no longer work again. Even though his medical bills will be over $100,000, the driver had a 20/40 policy. Further, the injured man did not have car insurance or other insurance to protect himself. Under these circumstances, he will most likely recover $20,000 of insurance and nothing else, unless the other driver can pay – this is usually not the case.

If you or a loved one is injured in a motor vehicle accident, please do not hesitate to contact WWF&G for a free consultation at 618-462-1077. We will do everything we can to maximize your recovery.

Auto accident on Humbert Rd. kills young couple

An automobile accident took the lives of a young Godfrey, Illinois, couple on Sunday December 20. Nicole and Chad Thorpe, both 27, and parents to a young two year old son, were tragically killed on Humbert road near Richland Woods Dr.. It appeared their 2007 Ford Edge ran off the road, struck a tree and flipped over. Sheriff’s Deputies said the vehicle was engulfed in flames when they arrived on the scene.

What caused the vehicle to swerve off the road is still unknown. The Madison County Sheriff’s Department is conducting an investigation into the possible cause. Both occupants suffered severe burns and were identified by dental records Monday. The coroner stated both victims died from smoke inhalation.

The car apparently was traveling north on Humbert Road and drove off the east side of the road before striking the tree. At this point, there is no evidence or report as to why the vehicle caught on fire. According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), there were an average of 356,000 vehicle fires and 512 civilian deaths reported between 1998 and 2002. Per the NFPA report, 3 out of every 5 passenger road vehicle fire deaths occurred in fires caused by collisions or overturns.

No one can prepare for the loss of a friend or family member. In some cases, victims are entitled to compensation and don’t even know it. If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious or even fatal traffic accident, the attorneys at WWF&G can help. Contact us at (618) 462-1077, 603 Henry St. Alton Illinois. Attorneys Licensed in Missouri and Illinois.

Missouri State Trooper Killed While Working Minor Accident On Highway Near St. Louis

A Missouri state trooper was tragically killed after being struck by a sport utility vehicle while assisting with a minor car accident on December 25, 2009. The incident occurred on interstate 44 southwest of St. Louis.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol identified the trooper as 49-year-old Patrolman Dennis Engelhard, a 10-year veteran from Wildwood.

Reports indicate that Engelhard was struck by a sport utility vehicle near Eureka.

Apparently, Engelhard had been working a minor accident and was hit while walking back to his patrol car to retrieve something.

Icy weather conditions led to dozens of accidents in eastern Missouri over the holidays. The incident appears to have been weather-related.

Drivers have a duty to decrease speed due to weather regardless of the speed limit. Families of victims of accidents such as this accident have rights when other drivers are negligent. If you or a family member have been injured in an auto accident, please do not hesitate to contact the attorneys at WWF&G for a Free Consultation at 1-800-WWFGLAW, or visit our website at www.glissonlaw.com.

St. Louis Teens Injured After Rollover Accident

Three teens remain in the hospital today after their vehicle rolled last Friday afternoon near Weidman and Clayton Road. The three passengers were ejected from the vehicle when the 16-year-old driver lost control over an icy patch and veered off the road, causing the SUV to flip. When police arrived on the scene, the driver appeared to have been the only passenger wearing a seatbelt and was found in the vehicle.

At this point, investigators do not believe that cell phones are involved in the crash. The teens are reported to be in stable condition and no criminal charges have been made against the driver.

Ice and weather condtions have been the cause of numerous accidents this year. Drivers have a duty to decrease speed and exercise care regardless of the speed limit to accommodate weather condtions.

Victims of an accident, even passengers in a single vehicle accident, have the right to make claims for injuries. Drivers have a duty to decrease speed due to weather regardless of the speed limit. If you or a family member have been injured in an auto accident, please do not hesitate to contact the attorneys at WWF&G for a Free Consultation at 1-800-WWFGLAW, or visit our website at www.glissonlaw.com.