Distracted Driving Causing Record Number of Car Accidents

For many of us, driving is a pretty easy task. We learn to drive during our teenage years and spend hundreds of hours behind the wheel each year. Even though driving is a fairly easy task, it does require complete and total attention. Unfortunately, drivers are increasingly allowing distractions into their vehicles that are causing a record number of car accidents. For many victims of these accidents, the only way to hold the negligent driver responsible is with the help of a distracted driving accident lawyer.

Defining Distracted Driving

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identifies three types of distractions for drivers: visual, manual, and cognitive. Visual distractions take your eyes off the road while manual distractions take your hands off the road. Many people don’t realize that cognitive distractions – taking your mind off the task of driving – are just as dangerous as visual and manual distractions.

Distractions have always been present in vehicles. Things like personal grooming, eating, changing the radio station, or talking to passengers have caused accidents since the inception of the car, but new technology is greatly increasing distractions for drivers.

Infotainment Systems Causing Distractions

Many cars now come with In-Vehicle Information Systems commonly referred to as infotainment systems. These tiny computers and screens give drivers the ability to program a GPS, utilize smartphone apps, and perform hands free calls, all while driving their cars. While these systems are very useful, drivers that use them while the car is moving are combining all three types of distractions. Drivers have to take a hand off the wheel to operate the screen, take their eyes off the road to see the screen, and are cognitively focused on the task taking place on the infotainment system.

According to a study conducted by AAA, drivers that program their GPS while driving are distracted for an average of 40 seconds. Even at a low speed of 25 MPH, a driver could travel the length of four football fields in just those 40 seconds.

We All Know Cell Phones Are Dangerous, So Why Do We Use Them While Driving?

Cell phones are the most common and most dangerous distraction for drivers. While 92% of Americans believe distracted driving is a top cause of car accidents, studies have found that as many as 70% of Americans use a cell phone while driving. Just like using an infotainment system, using a cell phone while driving involves all three types of distractions, making it incredibly dangerous.

So why do so many people use cell phones while driving if they know it’s dangerous? Some drivers may mistakenly believe they can use a cell phone safely while driving. They believe if they make themselves look up from their phones every few seconds, or if they are driving at a slower speed, then using a cell phone isn’t as dangerous. This is completely false. There is no safe way to use a cell phone while driving. Drivers who choose to use a cell phone while driving are being incredibly reckless and selfish. Distracted driving puts everyone on the roadways at risk. A distracted driving accident lawyer can help victims get the help they need to cover the cost of medical expenses and hold the other driver accountable.

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