Belleville Truck Accident Attorneys

Belleville Truck Accident Attorneys

Experienced legal help after a commercial truck accident in Illinois

Commercial truck accidents are a category of vehicle accidents that carry unique complications and consequences. These accidents, involving large and heavy commercial vehicles, often result in severe injuries, substantial property damage, and complex legal issues. At Glisson Law, we understand the unique challenges that individuals, families, and businesses face in the aftermath of commercial truck accidents.

Our dedicated team of experienced Belleville attorneys is here to provide you with the knowledge, guidance, and legal representation you need to navigate the process and seek the compensation and justice you deserve. We have 25 years of experience helping people just like you. In one instance, we secured a family $8.2 million in damages after a fatal truck accident. Call us today if you need help after a serious truck accident.

How often do truck accidents happen?

Illinois saw 167 fatal commercial truck accidents in 2022, an increase from the 128 in 2021. Across the country, per the National Safety Council, “5,700 large trucks were involved in a fatal crash, an 18% increase from 2020 and a 49% increase in the last 10 years.”

It's important to note that efforts are continually made to improve truck safety through regulations, technology, and education. Despite these efforts, truck accidents remain a concern due to the size and weight of commercial vehicles, which can result in more severe consequences in the event of a collision. If you or someone you know has been involved in a truck accident, seeking legal advice from a qualified attorney is crucial to understand your rights and options for pursuing compensation.

What are the main types of truck accidents?

Truck accidents can occur in various ways and types, but some of the main types of truck accidents include:

  • Rear-end collisions. These accidents happen when a truck strikes the vehicle in front of it. Rear-end collisions can result from factors like distracted driving, following too closely, or sudden stops.
  • Jackknife accidents. In a jackknife accident, the truck's trailer swings outward from the cab, resembling the angle of a partially open pocketknife. This typically happens when the truck's wheels lose traction, often due to slippery road conditions or abrupt braking.
  • Underride accidents. Underride accidents occur when a smaller vehicle slides underneath the rear or side of a truck's trailer. These accidents are often catastrophic because they can lead to severe injuries or fatalities for occupants of the smaller vehicle.
  • Head-on collisions. Head-on collisions involve a truck striking another vehicle or object head-on. These accidents can result from various factors, including driver fatigue, impaired driving, or unsafe passing on narrow roads.
  • Rollover accidents. Rollover accidents involve a truck tipping onto its side or rolling over completely. These incidents can occur due to factors like excessive speed, sharp turns, or uneven road surfaces.
  • Blind spot accidents. Large trucks have significant blind spots, and accidents can occur when smaller vehicles are in these blind spots. Truck drivers may not be aware of nearby vehicles, leading to lane change or merging accidents.
  • Cargo spills. Improperly secured or loaded cargo can lead to cargo spills, creating hazards on the road. Cargo spills can result in accidents and road closures, especially if the spilled cargo obstructs traffic.
  • Tire blowouts. When a truck's tire blows out, it can lead to loss of control and accidents. Tire blowouts may result from tire defects, overloading, or inadequate maintenance.
  • Runaway truck accidents. In these incidents, a truck loses its brakes or experiences brake failure while descending a steep grade. Runaway trucks can cause significant damage and pose a danger to other road users.
  • Wide turns accidents. Trucks require more space to make turns, and accidents can occur when a truck swings wide during a turn, potentially colliding with nearby vehicles or pedestrians.

Who is responsible for my Belleville truck accident?

Liable parties in a Belleville truck accident will vary depending on how the accident happened. Potential parties who may be held responsible include:

  • Truck driver. In the majority of cases, the truck driver may bear primary responsibility for the accident. This can result from factors such as distracted driving, fatigue, impaired driving, speeding, reckless driving, or failure to obey traffic laws.
  • Trucking company. The company that employs the truck driver may also share liability. This could be due to inadequate training, unrealistic schedules that encourage speeding or driving while fatigued, or failure to maintain the truck properly.
  • Truck manufacturer. If a defect in the truck or its components played a role in the accident (for example; brake failure, tire blowout), the manufacturer or distributor of the defective parts could be liable under product liability laws.
  • Maintenance providers. Those responsible for maintaining or repairing the truck may be held liable if their negligence or subpar work contributed to the accident.
  • Cargo loaders and shippers. If the cargo was not loaded or secured properly, leading to a cargo spill or an accident, those responsible for loading and securing the cargo may share liability.
  • Government entities. Poorly maintained roads, inadequate signage, or hazardous road conditions can contribute to truck accidents. In such cases, the government agency responsible for road maintenance may be liable.
  • Other drivers. In some instances, the negligence of other drivers on the road may contribute to a truck accident. Multiple parties can share liability in a multi-vehicle collision.

Determining liability in a truck accident case can be complex, and typically requires a thorough investigation. The specific circumstances surrounding your accident, including factors like truck driver behavior, maintenance records, and potential defects, will influence who is ultimately responsible.

What kinds of injuries do Belleville truck accidents cause?

Truck accidents in Belleville, as in other locations, can result in a wide range of injuries, some of which can be severe or even life-threatening due to the size and weight of commercial trucks. Common injuries associated with truck accidents include:

  • Whiplash. Whiplash is a neck injury often caused by the abrupt back-and-forth motion of a collision. It can lead to neck pain, stiffness, and headaches.
  • Fractures and broken bones. The impact of a truck accident can cause fractures or breaks in various bones, such as arms, legs, ribs, and the pelvis.
  • Spinal cord injuries. Severe truck accidents can damage the spinal cord, leading to partial or complete paralysis, and affecting mobility and function below the injury site.
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Head injuries are common in truck accidents. TBIs can range from mild concussions to severe brain damage, resulting in cognitive impairment, memory loss, and other neurological issues.
  • Back and neck injuries. Herniated discs, spinal fractures, and other back and neck injuries can cause chronic pain and limit mobility.
  • Internal injuries. The force of a truck collision can cause internal injuries, such as organ damage, internal bleeding, or injuries to the chest or abdomen.
  • Burns. In some cases, truck accidents can result in fires or explosions, causing burn injuries that may require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Amputations. In severe accidents, amputation of limbs or extremities may be necessary due to crush injuries or severe damage.
  • Facial injuries. Facial trauma, including lacerations, fractures, and dental injuries, can occur in truck accidents, often requiring reconstructive surgery.
  • Psychological trauma. Victims of truck accidents may experience psychological trauma, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.
  • Fatalities. Unfortunately, truck accidents can be fatal. Families may pursue wrongful death claims on behalf of their loved ones in such cases.
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