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    Swimming Pool Accidents


    Going for a swim on a hot summer day is among America’s many treasured pastimes. Under the wrong circumstances, however, a swimming pool can become the site of a tragedy. Whether it’s due to poor supervision, negligent construction, or improper maintenance, a head injury, drowning death, near-drowning, or other pool-related injury can rack up medical bills, not to mention lost wages, loss of quality of life, and/or loss of society of a deceased loved one.

    Where Can Swimming Pool Accidents Occur?

    With the advent of backyard swimming pools, the threat of drowning may exist in your own neighborhood. Personal injury attorneys have recovered damages from pool-related lawsuits against municipalities and their parks departments, schools, sports clubs, hotels, motels, and individuals, as well as pool manufacturers and maintenance companies.

    It is also important to include public or private swimming places that are not technically pools, such as ponds, lakes, and swimming holes overseen by lifeguards. Spas would also be included in this category of personal injuries.

    What Are The Causes of These Accidents?

    One common cause for drowning death in a swimming pool can be attributed to a simple municipal code violation. Children can sneak into pool owners’ backyards for a dip and end up injured. Although it might seem that this would be the fault of the child’s parents for not supervising them, legally, part of the blame might be placed on the homeowner whose pool was not protected by a fence meeting city requirements.

    Of course, there are also situations where pools allowed diving that shouldn’t have, putting swimmers at risk for head injuries or death. In other cases, negligent lifeguards failed to save the lives of at-risk swimmers who got into trouble in deep water with no one paying attention to help. Faulty pool equipment may also be responsible for drowning.

    What Effect Can Near-Drowning Have?

    Whether a child or adult, swimmers who become submerged in water for an extended period of time can face lifelong negative consequences, even if they survive the experience. Near-drowned individuals may face brain damage or a loss of coordination, motor skills, or dexterity. Tragic though this may be, children are the likeliest victims of swimming pool accidents. An incident lasting only a few minutes can affect a child’s health for the rest of his or her life.

    What Can Be Done?

    This may come as no surprise, but following a pool injury, seeking immediate medical treatment is a must. After care has been sought and treatment given, a lawsuit may be in order. When you’ve determined that the affected party or parties took every reasonable caution given the circumstances and that another party was negligent in its care or supervision of the pool, it’s time to seek legal representation.

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