E-Bikes Are Popular, But They’re Also Dangerous

E-Bikes Are Popular, But They’re Also DangerousElectric bicycles, also known as e-bikes, have become increasingly popular in recent years. In fact, sales of e-bikes continue to increase. While many people think that e-bikes are a great alternative to driving a car or riding a regular bicycle, these bikes are actually very dangerous for adults and children.

Recent e-bike accidents in Illinois

There have been several e-bike accidents around Illinois, making this form of transportation very hazardous and unsafe. Here are a few of the most recent e-bike crashes across the state:

  • In August 2023, a man suffered severe injuries from an e-bike crash in Decatur. He was struck by a large SUV at a busy intersection early in the morning. The man was not wearing a helmet or any other form of protection and needed to be immediately transported to a nearby hospital for his injuries.
  • In September 2022, the assistant vice president over the student affairs at Illinois State University was struck and killed by an e-bike while walking around campus. This was a devastating accident for faculty, staff, and students at the university, and it is believed that speeding may have played a factor. To prevent future accidents like this, the school has created “pedestrian only” areas where e-bikes cannot enter.
  • In July 2022, a young girl was plowed down by a teenager riding an e-bike in Chicago. The young girl was only six years old and suffered critical injuries. The teenager was 16 years old and kept going after he hit the child. She was immediately taken to the hospital, and the 16-year-old boy was caught soon after.

As you can see, e-bikes are dangerous for those who ride them as well as those who are walking near or around them. Individuals can wreck and fall off their e-bikes, or they can run over and strike pedestrians. Regardless of the type of e-bike crash that you are in, these devices are unsafe for everyone involved.

Why do some many people prefer e-bikes?

E-bikes are similar to regular bikes, with a few exceptions. E-bikes are battery operated and can move with the touch of a power source. Some e-bikes can still be pedaled, but they come with extra power for those who do not want to manually pedal the entire time.

This form of transportation is becoming very popular and preferred over other forms of transportation. There are several different reasons for this, such as:

  • E-bikes are eco-friendly. They do not use gas or other chemicals that can impact the environment.
  • E-bikes are affordable. They do not cost a lot to get running or to maintain for long periods of time. There are also no high gas prices or expensive mechanic bills when you choose to ride an e-bike.
  • E-bikes are an easy way to trave Instead of getting into a vehicle and driving a few minutes down the road to the store, individuals can hop on their e-bike and grab the few items that they need and return quickly.

Why are e-bikes dangerous?

There are many reasons why e-bikes are dangerous, including:

  • High speeds: Depending on what type of e-bike you have, you are most likely aware of the fact that these bikes can reach high speeds. When this happens, the chances of being involved in a crash and suffering catastrophic injuries increases tremendously.
  • Poor braking systems: When a person is speeding on an e-bike, the braking system will likely be unable to help them stop in time. As a matter of fact, e-bike braking systems are not created to handle stopping at high speeds. Therefore, if a pedestrian or car abruptly enters their path, this could cause a traumatic and devastating situation.
  • Not providing adequate room or space: When an e-bike rider fails to provide adequate room between them and other vehicles or pedestrians, this can quickly lead to a collision. The reason for this is because the e-bike rider may not have enough space to stop or slow down in time, causing them to slam into another vehicle or strike a pedestrian in their pathway.
  • Riding where pedestrians walk: Many e-bike riders find themselves riding where pedestrians This is very dangerous because the human body is not built to withstand the speed, force, and impact of an e-bike. Therefore, pedestrians do not stand much of a chance when they are struck or run over by these devices.
  • Lack of protective equipment: A lot of people compare e-bikes with motorcycles. Therefore, if you know and are aware of the fact that motorcyclists do not have the same protective equipment that motor vehicle drivers do, you may realize that e-bike riders also lack the proper protective equipment, leaving them exposed and unprotected during an accident.
  • Sharing roadways with motor vehicles: It is very dangerous for e-bike riders to share roadways with motor vehicles. However, where there is a lack of bike lanes, bicyclists typically ride on the road with cars and trucks, putting them at risk of being hit or colliding with these large and powerful vehicles.

Refrain from buying your child an e-bike

One of the top requested gifts from children throughout recent years has been an e-bike. While some parents may think that this is a harmless gift and are considering buying their child one, we think that you should reconsider. According to a recent study published by the National Library of Medicine, e-bikes are a “common pediatric public health problem.” The reason for this is because it was found that pediatric injuries caused by e-bikes increased between 2011 and 2020, and most of these injuries led to hospital visits and hospitalizations. The study pointed out that children do not use helmets often while riding e-bikes, and e-bikes led to more hospital visits and stays (11 percent) than bicycles (four percent) and mopeds (seven percent).

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