Attractive Nuisance and Other Types of Premises Liability

Most people think premises liability cases are only slip and fall accidents. While slipping on a spill in a grocery store certainly is a type of premises liability accident, there are many other types of premises liability accidents to be aware of. Property owners have a responsibility to keep visitors reasonably safe from harm, and this goes far beyond cleaning up spills.

What Is An Attractive Nuisance?

One common type of premises liability claim involves an “attractive nuisance,” and it applies specifically to children. An attractive nuisance is an object on the property likely to attract children, which carries the risk of causing them injury. Property owners are responsible for protecting children from attractive nuisances. The most common type of attractive nuisance is a swimming pool (full or drained), but others include old buildings, farm equipment or machinery, wells, and even stairs. Really anything that could be attractive to children could be considered an attractive nuisance. The best way to protect children from an attractive nuisance is to move the nuisance out of view or put up a fence to keep children out.

Premises Liability Includes Security

Certain properties are at an increased risk for crime. Places like parking garages, nightclubs, and apartment complexes experience more crime because they contain a high concentration of people and valuable property. For owners of these buildings, keeping visitors safe from harm includes undertaking any necessary security measures, including the installation of outdoor lights and/or video cameras and employing security guards. If a property owner does not implement necessary security measures and a visitor gets assaulted, robbed, or otherwise harmed, the property owners can be held responsible.

Property Maintenance Accidents

Property maintenance is often the cause of premises liability incidents. Property owners are responsible for maintaining their properties so they do not present a danger to visitors. Balconies, railings, and even sidewalks can be incredibly dangerous if they are not properly maintained and kept up to code. Balconies and railings can fail, causing collapse and uneven or broken sidewalks can cause someone to trip and fall. Properly maintaining properties is particularly important for apartment complexes and condos.

Get Help With You Premises Liability Claims

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