70 St. Clair County, Illinois Residents Join Pharmaceuticals Lawsuit

Dozens of plaintiffs from St. Clair County, Illinois joined a pharmaceuticals lawsuit against a gastrointestinal drug manufacturer allegedly responsible for neurological disorders in patients using the medicine.

The 70 plaintiffs are listed in the St. Clair Record article posted online. The plaintiffs accuse the makers of Reglan for side effects that affect their brains and cause involuntary movements.

The lawsuit claims that there is no cure for the dyskinesia, a condition that occurs when dopamine receptor blocking drugs cause abnormal movements in those who take them.

Walgreens, which distributed medicines containing the drug, is a defendant in the lawsuit for its alleged negligence in not effectively warning customers of its potential side effects. A slew of brand name and generic drug producers, including Wyeth and Pfizer, are also defendants, all of which are listed in the aforementioned article.

The pharmaceuticals industry helps millions of Americans survive illnesses each year and have helped to lengthen average life expectancies in the United States. Yet these corporations are not without flaw. When new drugs are released onto the market without proper vetting or have side affects that are not publicized well enough for users to know, pharmaceuticals companies owe society compensation for damages.

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