Why do more accidents occur close to home?

Through the years it has been known that often times car accidents are within only a handful of miles from the drivers home. In fact, one survey showed that 77% of accidents occur within a 15 mile radius of the driver’s home. The question is: Why is this? What factors contribute to this? 

Reasons accidents occur close to home:

1. Being too comfortable with their surroundings

When a driver is incredibly used to driving the same route home or away from home it can be all too easy to zone out. Drivers can end up relying on muscle memory or going on autopilot in a familiar territory causing them to let their guard down. Drivers are more likely to pay close attention to the road in an unfamiliar setting.

2. Increased distractions when leaving or arriving home

Whether drivers are setting their navigation up, connecting to bluetooth, changing their music or texting a friend to say they are on their way they are driving distracted. These types of distractions typically occur right after leaving the home or pulling up to their home. These distractions leave room for accidents to occur. 

3. We drive close to home most often

Most people take shorter trips more often than longer trips. Even those longer trips start and end close to home. So, the shear fact that you drive close to home more often means the chance of getting in an accident here is more likely. 

4. Driving under the influence

If drivers are going to a bar close by or a friend’s near their home they may think they can get away with driving although they will be drinking. This should never be the case. This will absolutely increase the chance of an accident putting yourself and others in danger. 

5. Fatigue 

The fatigue from driving home after a long day at work can lead to drowsy driving or a lack of attention to the road. 

So, now you can see that just because you’re close to home or in a familiar area does not mean you should let your guard down, in fact it means the opposite. Stay alert and stay safe whether you’re just going down the street or on a long trip!

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