What Are the Different Types of Car Accidents?

What Are the Different Types of Car Accidents?Car accidents can happen in many ways. Some determining factors include location, time of day, type of vehicle, weather, road surface, pavements, traffic, and more.

There are many elements to consider concerning a collision. Since each car accident is different, the outcomes will vary. You may experience injuries and property damage, or one or the other. Regardless of the type of car accident you were involved in, you should speak to a local car accident attorney as soon as possible.

Fatal collisions

Sadly, fatal car accidents are more common than you may realize. They happen for numerous reasons, and the loss of life is too much for many to handle. Left in shock and grief, families are tasked with dealing with the insurance company, making funeral arrangements, and potentially filing a wrongful death claim with the assistance of a local car accident attorney. The legal ramifications of fatal collisions often seem overwhelming.

Head-on collisions

Often occurring in rural areas, head-on collisions happen when the front of two vehicles collide. These accidents often lead to fatalities due to the sheer force of the impact. These accidents might occur when one vehicle leaves a traffic lane into oncoming traffic or a car is traveling the wrong way on a one-way street. Speed is often a significant factor in head-on collisions.

Rear-end crashes

The most common type of car accidents is rear-end collisions that happen when a vehicle strikes the back of a lead vehicle. Rear-end crashes often result from driver inattention and are common in heavy or stop-and-go traffic. The lead vehicle may sustain relatively minor damage, while in most cases, the rear vehicle suffers the most damage.  Drivers or passengers in either car may be injured. Rear end collisions may lead to minor or catastrophic multi-car pileups.

Side impact

A side-impact accident, also referred to as a T-bone accident, occurs when the front of one vehicle hits the side of another. They often happen because a car fails to stop or runs a stoplight or stop sign. The vehicle that strikes the other one is not always at fault. Sometimes, the car whose side is struck is liable.  Side-impact accidents are prevalent nationwide, and many cars have airbags in the most commonly hit areas. However, there is often less protection on doors, which can contribute to the severity of collisions.


Many people confuse side-impact and sideswipe accidents, but they differ. A sideswipe collision occurs when two vehicles come into contact with each other’s sides. This can happen when one car is parked and the other is in motion. They can also involve stationary objects like signs,

poles, and guardrails. The vehicles can be moving in the same or opposite directions.

Turn Accidents

Some accidents involve vehicles making either a right or left turn. Left-turn accidents are typically more common and can lead to significant consequences. They often happen when a driver turns without waiting for a green arrow or due to the right of way issues and are more common in intersections without traffic control signals. Right turns accidents often involve a vehicle and a pedestrian. There is little to dictate right turns besides driver attention; however, drivers must respect pedestrians’ right of way to prevent this type of accident.

Intersection crashes

Intersections are governed by lights instructing drivers when and which direction to go. When one vehicle does not abide by the regulations of the intersection, it can lead to an accident, particularly when a driver tries to make it through a yellow light instead of slowing down to stop for the oncoming red light. Speed is often a factor in intersection crashes. Additionally, older vehicles that do not have side airbags may also have more severe consequences than those that do. Intersection crashes y can also involve pedestrians crossing the street.

Other common car crashes

There are many other types of crash crashes, such as:

  • Collisions while merging or changing lanes
  • Low-speed collisions
  • Fixed object collisions
  • Roadway departure crashes
  • Diagonal parking accidents
  • Hit-and-run collisions
  • Rollovers

There is no way to know how an insurance company will handle your case. However, our legal team will work to investigate the cause of your accident and the best options available for you. Some common underlying causes of car accidents include:

You should always report the accident and allow the police and our law firm to investigate. Proper documentation of a car accident is vital in the insurance claims process, and having aggressive representation may make all the difference.

Having a local car accident lawyer on your side is crucial for your claim. Our team will review your case, gather evidence, calculate your damages, and may work with medical experts to document your current and future losses, to obtain full and fair compensation for you. Glisson Law has over three decades of experience helping clients in Alton and the surrounding areas. Schedule a free case review with our car accident attorneys today by calling our office or submitting our contact form. Our offices in Alton serve all of Southwestern Illinois and Missouri, including Edwardsville, Belleville, St. Clair, Madison Counties. We