Union Pacific Employee from St. Clair County Claims Injuries Due to Negligence

A railroad employee for Union Pacific has filed an employment lawsuit after becoming injured on the job.

The man, who worked for the company for years as a brakeman and conductor, has been treated for injuries to his knee and spine, according to the lawsuit described in a St. Clair Record article. The lawsuit lays the blame on the injuries for years of negligence by Union Pacific, which allegedly failed to provide a safe work environment or take steps toward better ergonomics for employees.

The railroad lawsuit draws a link between the man’s injuries and an inability to work or enjoy hobbies, mental anguish, lost wages, and a series of taxing medical bills. The case was filed in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

Although industry and commerce in the United States benefit greatly from the efforts of railroad workers, working for the railroad can be a potentially dangerous proposition. According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report, railroad workers are more than twice as likely to die on the job as other workers.

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