Tips For Driving During The Rainy Season

Spring is here and with it comes rain! 

In these times we may not be doing much driving but when you do it’s important to be aware of the weather and conditions.  According to AAA exchange, “wet pavement contributes to nearly 1.2 million traffic crashes each year”. Follow these tips for safer driving in the rain:

Slow down and allow for more space in between cars 

-Slowing down will lower your chances of hydroplaning 

-It is so important to give yourself more time and space to react in adverse weather

Don’t use cruise control

-You want to be in full control while driving in bad weather with your hands on the wheel and foot ready 

-Cruise control makes hydroplaning worse due to the constant speed it keeps

– You disable cruise control by pressing on the breaks but pressing hard on the breaks is the last thing you want to do in the case of hydroplaning so keep it disabled from the beginning when driving in rain

Turn on your headlights

– This increases your ability to see in the rain and others on the road to see your car

Equipment check 

-Ensure your windshield wipers, brakes and tires are in good condition 

Avoid standing water

– It only takes driving through a small amount of water for hydroplaning to occur so avoid puddles and water that has built up on the roads