Ten-Pin Lounge and Woodstock Lounge in Alton, Illinois Sued for Drunk Driving Deaths

Two Alton, Illinois bars are facing dramshop lawsuits after a man from Hardin died in a drunk driving auto accident.

A lawsuit filed on behalf of the deceased man has named Woodstock Lounge and Ten-Pin Lounge in downtown Alton partially responsible under dramshop laws for the fatal accident by allegedly serving the drunken driver–a man from Fieldon, Illinois–an excessive amount of alcohol which caused his impaired driving.

According to an article in The Telegraph, the car accident, which occurred in January 2010, has already led to fines, probation and jail time for the drunk driver. The criminal case against the driver was tried in Jersey County Circuit Court, while the civil case against the two Alton taverns was filed in Madison County Circuit Court.

The victim was killed in a crash on Illinois Route 16 outside of Fieldon, Illinois, where officials pronounced him dead upon arriving to the accident site.

The National Center for Injury Prevention & Control reports that in 2008, 11,773 people died in car crashes where one or both drivers were under the influence of alcohol. According to the Illinois State Police website, impaired driving offenses that result in serious car crashes can result in “Aggravated DUI” sentences, which can carry a fine of $25,000 and up to twelve years in prison.

Michael P. Glisson and Thomas O. Falb of the law offices of WWF&G in Alton, Illinois are experienced handlers of dramshop cases. By law, businesses that profit from the sale of alcohol share in the responsibility for the risk of economic damages associated with alcohol.

In addition to taverns and restaurants, grocery stores that sell liquor are also held responsible under dramshop laws. Businesses are aware of the risk when they apply for a liquor license, and almost all dramshops have insurance covering accidents.

Dramshop cases evolve from fights at taverns, accidents with drunk drivers, and generally where an intoxicated person causes injury to a person or their property. There is no time to wait when it comes to dramshop cases, so contact WWF&G today for a free consultation on your case.