What Steps Do I Take After A Slip and Fall?

Seek Medical treatment 

This should always be your first step after a slip and fall. Making sure you or your loved one is safe is the most important step. Follow the medical professional’s advice and treatment. This also ensures your injuries can be documented properly. The full extent of your injuries such as a head injury may not be apparent off the bat so it is important you go to a doctor even if injuries aren’t initially apparent to you. 

Report the accident to the manager or whoever owns the property. 

Find out who owns the property or who is managing the property and ask to get a written report the accident. Make sure they are aware of the incident. Be sure to get a copy of your report before you leave for your own records. 

Take down documentation 

Take photos/videos and write down everything that happened. You want the details to be clear and fresh in your mind, getting everything down as soon as possible will help with this. 

If a friend or family member was with you or another person witnessed the slip and fall you should ask if they would give a statement and obtain their contact information. They should also write down what happened as soon as possible. Try and find what may have caused your slip and fall. 

Keep communication at a minimum 

Keep communication about the accident to a minimum. Stay calm in your interactions with the manager/owner of the property. Do not post about the incident or place blame. Save the details for your attorney. 

Call an Attorney 

If you are concerned about the severity of the situation it is always best to contact an experienced attorney. They will know best how to handle the situation and the correct steps for you to take. It is important to have someone looking out for your best interests. 

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