St. Louis Nursing Home Closed; County Officials Find Horrific Conditions

Whispering Oaks Nursing Home, a residential care facility in Wildwood, Missouri, was shut down Monday night after county officials found the site in appalling conditions. Late Sunday night, county fire officials were alerted that the well water stores supplying the nursing home had frozen. According to a press release from County Executive Charles A. Dooley, by the time public officials arrived on Monday, they found “no running water, overflowing toilets, human waste on the floor and a fire risk caused by an inoperable sprinkler system.”

It is estimated that 40-50 patients are currently in care at the facility. The state health department will be assisting in efforts to relocate patients to nearby nursing homes.

Whispering Oaks has a history of violations with the state that range from failures to meet safe drinking water standards to reports of staff abuse by patients. The National Center on Elder Abuse suggests that only 1 in 14 incidents of neglect come to the attention of authorities.

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