Quincy, Illinois Doctors Sued For Medical Malpractice In Heart Attack Death

A Quincy, Illinois family brought suit for the death of their mother due to negligence of doctors. The mother had gone in for a colonoscopy at the Quincy Surgical Center—-she had low blood pressure due to the prep—-probably due to loss of fluid.

The colonoscopy went as expected, but the patient continued to have abnormally low blood pressure. She was discharged home without IV fluids. At home, she complained of chest pain and falling.

Eventually she was rushed to the Blessing Hospital with the low blood pressure and chest complaints. An EKG was abnormal as well as a blood test for heart damage. The ER doctor failed to recognize and treat this heart attack and then failed to call in a cardiologist timely.

Four and a half hours later, the patient died due to the heart attack without being treated by a cardiologist.

Suit was brought against the doctor for performing the colonoscopy for discharging the patient without stabilizing her vital signs; and against the ER doctor for not recognizing and treating the heart attack. It was thought that the low blood pressure prevented the heart from getting adequate blood causing the heart attack.

Suit is pending in Adams County, Illnois with WWF&G prosecuting the case.

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