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    Pharmaceutical Cases


    The pharmaceuticals industry helps millions of Americans survive illnesses each year and have quite likely contributed to the lengthened average life expectancies in the United States. Yet these corporations are not without flaw. When new drugs are released onto the market without proper vetting or have side affects that are not publicized well enough for users to know, pharmaceuticals companies owe the prescription drug users who relied on them for medical care compensation for damages.

    Under What Circumstances Have Pharmaceutical Companies Been Sued?

    Consumers’ lawsuits against pharmaceutical corporations have been filed for a number of reasons, including situations where medication users died or experienced tragic side effects before the company was able to recall the drug. It is not unheard of for these labs to create and manufacture drugs that have been rushed through the Food and Drug Administration more quickly than is ideal in order to make quicker profits.

    Through decades of precedents in the legal system and FDA standards, the burden of publicizing potential side effects had been laid on the pharmaceutical corporations. When defective drugs ruin the lives of individuals and families who were not informed of the potential risks, costing them medical expenses, loss of quality of life, and lost wages, the drug companies are responsible for compensating for damages.

    What Challenges Are Faced In These Cases?

    Law firms must make the case that whatever notice pharmaceutical company gave to consumers about drugs’ potential side effects, they were not enough to properly warn the public. This can be difficult because there are powerful drug interests in Washington for both prescription and over-the-counter drugs, and these large corporations have billions of dollars in assets to draw from in order to hire experienced legal counsel.

    As a result, those who have seen their loved ones’ lives or their own affected by defective drugs must fight fire with fire. We strongly recommend seeking legal counsel to guide you through the litigation process and ensure that you obtain the highest possible financial compensation,

    How Can Williamson, Webster, Falb & Glisson Help?

    To us, our clients are not just another face in the crowd. Unlike the dime-a-dozen pharmaceutical litigation firms that advertise between segments of Maury, Michael Glisson and Thomas Falb of WWF&G make a point to reach out to their clients one-on-one. You’re an individual, and you deserve to be treated like an individual and a person — not a dollar sign.

    These lawyers have represented plaintiffs in pharmaceuticals cases and other personal injury matters for decades. Waiting will only prolong the pain. Make sure to call WWF&G at your nearest convenience: (618) 462-1077