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    Boating Accidents


    Boating can make for a fun recreational activity with family, friends, or a combination of both. However, when an untrained person takes the helm, people responsible for others’ safety stop paying attention out of intoxication or sheet negligence, or boating equipment malfunctions, sailing can become a dangerous endeavor.

    What Types of Injuries Stem from Boating?

    Short of death and drowning, a number of physical ailments can affect the lives of those on boats. Just like in a car, a wreck with another boat or against a rock or shore can cause whiplash, which contributes to back and neck injuries. Head trauma with a potential for concussions or permanent brain damage may also result from boating accidents. Williamson, Webster, Falb & Glisson are available to provide legal counsel following any manner of boating accidents, as well as accidents occurring on Jet-skis and other personal watercraft.

    What Can Cause Boating Injuries?

    Although hitting an iceberg and slowly sinking can happen in the Atlantic, boating accidents in Illinois and Missouri typically happen in less glamorous, Hollywood-friendly fashion. Whether malfunctioning or poorly designed to begin with, faulty equipment can result in injuries for even the most experienced and competent boating enthusiasts.

    More common, however, are situations where the operator was boating under the influence of drugs or alcohol. With an intoxicated person in charge of steering a boat, a pleasure craft can transform into a death trap. Failing to follow right-of-way laws and other guidelines can also set the stage for an accident.

    What Damages Can Be Recovered?

    Injuries incurred in boating accidents range from minor to severe. In many cases, boating injuries leave those affected unable to perform work or regular duties at home. Thus, lost wages can be recovered in a verdict or settlement. Clients reeling at the prospect of outrageous medical bills that their insurance companies refuse to cover can rest assured that by seeking legal counsel, they can have their day in court.

    Who Can Help?

    Based in Alton, Illinois, the law offices of Williamson, Webster, Falb & Glisson have been handling boating accident and other personal injury cases since the firm’s founding in 1972. Attorneys Mike Glisson and Tom Falb are licensed and experienced in pursuing such cases across the St. Louis area and region, in Illinois and Missouri.

    Throughout the years, WWF&G has earned a reputation among the legal community as a firm that will prosecute cases to the fullest extent, and maximize recovery for injured victims. Our firm has the resources and trial network to give you and your family confidence during a difficult time. As a result of continued success, past clients and attorneys regularly recommend injury victims to our firm.

    Please contact our office today for a free consultation at 618-462-1077.