NHTSA Sends Out a Safety Advisory on Car Seats

On November 13th the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sent out a safety advisory warning parents not to purchase car seats that don’t comply with US Standards. 

“Parents and caregivers should be aware of signs that a car seat does not meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and may pose significant risk to an infant or other vehicle occupant in the event of a crash. Some of these telltale signs may include seats without lower anchor attachments, without proper labeling, lacking a chest clip, or only secured by a seat belt crossed over the seat and not correctly installed.”

According to the NHTSA “Car crashes are a leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 13”. Choosing the correct car seat is important to keeping your child safe day to day.

There are many different types of car seats which will either fall under either the: 

Rear facing Car seat—“The best seat for your young child to use. It has a harness and, in a crash, cradles and moves with your child to reduce the stress to the child’s fragile neck and spinal cord”.

Forward-Facing Car seat—“Has a harness and tether that limits your child’s forward movement during a crash.”

Booster Seat—“Positions the seat belt so that it fits properly over the stronger parts of your child’s body.”

 Which type to choose will depend on the age and growth of your child. 

Follow this link to watch a video on carseat safety: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7HV8TnG6wI