NFL Player Wins Medical Insurance Settlement

A former football player for the St. Louis Rams and current offensive lineman for the New Orleans Saints, reached a settlement with his health insurance company.

On Feb. 11, 2009, the plaintiff underwent surgery for a hernia that had been bothering him. He had become injured preparing for the National Football League combine. The annual NFL event tests potential athletes on their skills before league scouts and team management.

Despite paying for health insurance, the insurance provider refused to pay for the $40,000 in medical bills as a result of curing the hernia. They claimed that the surgery was an experimental procedure. The plaintiff disagreed and said the surgery was necessary and put his career back on track.

With the help of attorney Michael P. Glisson of the law firm of WWF&G in Alton, Illinois, the plaintiff was able to settle the insurance dispute and have his medical bills paid.

Insurance companies frequently claim treatment is experimental after the fact and deny payment. This leaves insureds in a stressful situation with the high cost of medical treatment.

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