Maryville Illinois Woman Falls on Faulty Escalator at Alton Square Mall

A woman from Maryville, Illinois who fell on an Alton Square Mall escalator is filing a slip and fall lawsuit against Schindler Escalator Company.

The accident, which occurred in January 2010, was a result of an elevator in the JC Penney department store in Alton Square Mall coming to a sudden stop, causing the plaintiff to fall and become injured. Treating the injury has resulted in steep medical bills from the ambulance ride, hospital bills, radiology reports and a chiropractor. The injuries have also caused the plaintiff mental anguish and a loss of quality of life.

The plaintiff is represented by Michael P. Glisson, an attorney with the Alton-based law firm WWF&G, which specializes in personal injury cases. Glisson has pledged to make a recovery on his client’s behalf.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 2.2 million accidental falls by older adults led to emergency treatment in 2009. Falls cause a high percent of all traumatic brain injuries and the majority of bone fractures among older adults.

The attorneys at Williamson, Webster, Falb and Glisson offer free consultations concerning slip and fall injury cases. As personal injury suit specialists, the WWF&G attorneys have a firm grasp on which cases have potential and which are frivolous.

Many clients contact our office and believe they have a case just by the very fact that they fell at someone’s property or business. This is not true. There must be negligence (failure to act as a reasonable person) on the part of the owner.

Neglect by property owners can lead to permanent injuries to people of all walks of life, including the elderly, children and disabled. Oftentimes property owners can remedy the situation inexpensively, but do not until a serious accident occurs. Williamson, Webster, Falb & Glisson has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for innocent victims in premises liability situations.

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