Madison County, Illinois Motorcyclist Files Accident Lawsuit

A man riding in Madison County filed a motorcycle accident lawsuit after a wreck in Granite City caused him to sustain several injuries.

According to a report in the Madison County Record, the accident with a car driver caused damage to the motorcyclist’s head, ribs, neck, back, and collar bone. As a result, the cyclist had to receive expensive medical care, for which he now seeks damages against the car driver.

The collision occurred on Madison Avenue in Granite City. The two vehicles involved had been traveling in opposite directions when the car turned to enter a driveway and hit the motorcycle.

The suit claims that the car owner was negligent in his driving by failing to slow down, keep a proper look-out, and observing the cyclist’s right of way.

The Illinois Department of Transportation encourages car drivers to “Start Seeing Motorcycles.” According to an IDOT statistics sheet, 130 motorcyclists and their passengers died in wrecks in 2009, comprising 14% of the state’s total road fatalities. Four of the 130 cyclists died in Madison County, and another four died in St. Clair County.

Motorcycle riders often fall victim to wrecks with car drivers who simply fail to keep an eye on their surroundings behind the wheel. If you, a friend, or family member have been injured while riding a motorcycle, filing a lawsuit can potentially recover money for medical bills, pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, and life care plans.

Clients are always unsure if they are entitled to make a recovery when they are the passenger of a motorcycle, and the motorcycle driver is at fault for the accident. Our firm represented the family of a passenger of a motorcycle who was killed when the motorcycle driver ran a red light. In this unfortunate accident, both the driver and the passenger died. Our firm was able to make a recovery for the passenger’s family from the insurance company for the motorcyclist, as well as from other defendants.

Under Illinois and Missouri law, drivers of motorcycles and automobiles are required to have insurance. The insurance on the motorcycle will generally cover the driver for negligence and for causing an accident.

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