Jacksonville Illinois Nursing Home Sued

A Jacksonville, Illinois nursing home was sued by our Illinois injury law firm for causing the death of a patient. The suit was brought on behalf a Quincy, Illinois family in Jacksonville (Morgan County), Illinois.

Our suit claimed that the nursing home violated the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act and the Illinois Wrongful Death Act in causing a patient’s death. The patient had been in an auto accident near Quincy (Adams County), Illinois, and was initially treated at two area hospitals. She was then transferred to a nursing home.

The patient was breathing through a tracheostomy in her neck. Because of the severe injuries, she would pull at her breathing tube. On several occasions she was able to pull out this tube causing her to almost die. Instead of instituting one on one surveillance or wrist restraints, the nursing home used drugs and mitts. Both were found to be ineffective in stopping the resident from pulling off the breathing tube on several occasions.

Finally, the patient was found without her trache breathing tube inserted and died. Our suit claimed that wrist restraints or one on one supervision should have been used. Expert testimony from a nurse and family physician supported the claim.

In Illinois, all nursing homes must follow the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act which states that residents have basic rights and they cannot be the subject of neglect. Nurses must uphold the standard of care of acting as a reasonable careful nurse when attending to a resident at a nursing home. Too many times residents are just given an anti-anxiety drug and left uncared for. Sadly, this was the case here.

Damages for this conduct can include medical cost for treatment, funeral expenses, money damages for the pain and suffering of the resident up to her death, and losses to the heirs for loss of support, love and affection.

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