Holiday Driving Tips

Thanksgiving is just over two weeks away. This time is one we look forward to all year — time for the holidays and to spend with those we love. This year the holiday may look a little different. However, if you are driving to visit family we know that your drive could be long. We want to be sure that you’re prepared.

Brush up on these tips before leaving for your holiday trip:

1. Be sure that all of your maintenance is up to date

         Check your tires, battery, brakes, windshield wipers, and lights. These should all be in good working condition before a trip.

2. Know the route you are taking before you leave.

         Check for construction along the way.

3Be prepared for traffic as this is a popular time to travel.

         Drive defensively and remember to stay patient.

4. Try to avoid traveling at peak times. 

         The day before Thanksgiving, and the Sunday after Thanksgiving are the busiest days of the season to travel. Do your best to avoid long trips on these two days. 

5. Check what the weather conditions are going to be prior to leaving

6. Go through a refresher of winter driving skills 

7. Be cautious of your speed

8. Be sure you are well rested before you leave for your trip

         If on a long trip be sure to take breaks to avoid drowsy driving.

9. Avoid distractions on the trip at all costs

         Driving requires your full attention. 

          If kids are with you on the trip be sure to bring things that will keep them occupied and comfortable keeping them from distracting the driver.

10. Do not drive impaired

11. Secure valuables you have brought with you 

12. Always have a charger with you 

   You don’t want to be caught on the road with a dead phone. You want to be able to reach others in case of emergency.

We want to wish you all a fun and safe Holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

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