Granite City, Illinois Man Injured by Stop Snoring Product

A Granite City, Illinois man was injured using PureSleep’s stop snoring solution in July of 2008. The product is a dental device which is worn while sleeping, to prevent snoring.

The user puts the device in hot water so it is malleable to fit your teeth. Once this is done the device fits securely in the mouth.

Here, the problem arose when the device was removed the next morning, it carried away the man’s crown from a back molar. He now has to go to a dental specialist to undergo treatment to have a new crown put in—–costing significant dollars.

A claim has been made based on a product liability theory—-that the product was unsafe as normally used and there was a failure to warn that this could happen.

WWF&G will be presenting this claim to the maker and it is anticipated that numerous similar customers will want to pursue legal remedies. If you have any questions in this regard, please contact WWF&G at 618-462-1077 (for a free consultation).