Driving During the Rainy Season

Summer is on the way which means the rainy season is here. According to AAA Exchange, “Wet pavement contributes to nearly 1.2 million traffic crashes each year.” In fact, driving in the rain is even more dangerous than driving during snowy conditions. 

Driving in heavy rain is often scary. However, drivers often underestimate the true danger of wet pavement and fail to adjust their driving habits accordingly. 

Drive Safely posted four tips for driving in the rain:

Turn your headlights on

Turn your headlights on in the rain whether it is day or night.

New tires, good breaks and wipers

Ensure your tires are not bare.

Check your brakes routinely and ensure your windshield wipers are in good shape .

Don’t use cruise control 

When using cruise control your chances of losing control of your vehicle may increase.

Drive smarter”

Keep a comfortable distance.

Slow down.

Be careful merging lanes.

If you do start to hydroplane in the rain there are a few things to remember. Let off gas and steer straight. It is important to not turn your wheel the opposite way your car is spinning if it begins to spin. 

If an accident occurs due to slippery conditions don’t hesitate to call our office for a free consultation.