The Dangers of Cliff Jumping

Although cliff jumping into a body of water brings a thrill and excitement to your summer days it is extremely dangerous and important to think over the possible situations that could occur.

Cliff jumping injuries are common.

Live Strong offered just a few reasons cliff jumping is dangerous:

“Speed Threats”

A big threat associated with cliff jumping is the speed built up on the way down. According to Adventure Smart, “Any jump from a height is traumatic to the body. As height increases, the risk for serious injury goes up substantially. At 3m (10’), your body is traveling at approximately 27km/h (17mph) when you hit the water. At 6m (20’), you’re going about 40km/h (25mph).

“Even if the water is deep and you go in feet first, your speed is great enough to cause spinal compression, bone fractures, concussion, or a collapsed lung. An awkward entry – landing even slightly off-center – can have a catastrophic result.”

“What You Can’t See Can Hurt You”

You never know how deep the water is going to be. Even if you do know, there is no way to know for sure what is under the water your jumping into. You risk the chance of hitting rocks, logs, etc. Hitting a solid surface under water is deadly. 

“Risk of Drowning”

“The forceful impact combined with the depth you sink after jumping from a height could frighten you, making you want to draw in a breath quickly, which isn’t safe when underwater. This could lead to panic, which in turn could lead to potential drowning. If you are injured during the jump, you’re even more likely to drown, because it’s difficult to swim with broken bones. You won’t be able to swim at all if you’re unconscious”

Slippery Conditions

You never know if the area you are climbing to get to the diving point is slippery. If it is you risk slipping and falling onto other terrain or into the water when you aren’t prepared. This increases the risk of injury drastically.

If you choose to go cliff jumping during the coming summer months remember to think about all risks involved and the safest ways to go about it.