Collinsville Illinois Rail Worker Sues Employer for Multiple Injuries

A Collinsville, IL resident has filed a workplace injury lawsuit against the railway company that had employed him for 40 years.

According to a story published Nov. 23 in the Madison / St. Clair Record, the man sought damages in excess of $75,000 for work-related injuries to his upper body that have affected his ability to work.

The plaintiff claims the injuries were not caused all at once, but rather repeated trauma throughout the course of his career as a rail worker. Hazardous working conditions caused serious damage to his body over four decades.

Injuries occurring on the job can be serious whether they occur on the railroads, waterways, or at everyday jobs. The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission Report for 2009 states that 200,000 work-related accidents occur in Illinois in each year, and approximately 55,000 of them are reported to the commission. 1,756 new cases were filed in Collinsville last year, and an additional 1,374 were filed in Belleville.

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