Celebrate New Years Eve Safely

New Years Eve is a fun time to celebrate the beginning of a new year.  However, after midnight millions take to transportation to get home from their celebrations. The American Safety Council stated that, “The combination of sheer number of travelers plus the inevitability of irresponsibly impaired drivers makes for a dangerous evening on the roads and one of the most deadliest days for drunk driving in our nation. Over 50% of accidents on New Years Day involve high blood alcohol concentration. “

The national highway traffic safety administration is once again promoting their campaign of “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” this holiday season to educate/inform and cut down on drunk driving accidents this year. 

We wanted to share a few tips on how to keep this holiday a safe one free from health and safety accidents:

Tips for a safe New Years Eve:

1. Practice COVID safety

We all know this year is a bit different. Amongst the celebration of entering a new year we have to remember to keep ourselves and those around us safe. Practice COVID safety!

2. Plan Accordingly

Make smart choices and know how you will get home safely at the end of the night

Communicate your whereabouts

Be sure your phone is fully charged 

Be aware of your surroundings

3. Drink Responsibly

Never set your drink down unattended

Know your limits

Hydrate in between drinks

4. Avoid Driving

Even if you’re being responsible and driving sober, you never know who else could be on the road or what condition they may be in. The roads are particularly dangerous on NYE. So, Avoid driving all together this night. If you must drive do so responsibly and also remember it’s a cold winter month which means roads can be icy, snowy and dangerous. This means you need to drive extra carefully.

3. Celebrate safely

We all want to have fun on this memorable holiday, so lets do is and at the same time be sure we are bringing in the New Year right and safely.

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