Car Accidents Have Declined During Pandemic

According to CBS, “At least 20 U.S. states reported seeing a noticeable drop in fatal car crashes during the coronavirus pandemic. CBS News reached out to 26 states with a historically high number of traffic deaths, and found that fatal car crashes on California freeways dropped a stunning 84%.” And in Illinois they have dropped 57%.

This is due to the fact that transportation has looked very different during this lockdown. Many people are staying home and not using their cars. Less people are getting in taxis or utilizing ride sharing.

In fact, “New York City also saw a favorable outcome from the drop in driving, going 46 days without a pedestrian death — the longest stretch seen since the city started keeping track in 1983. “

And according to the Wall Street Journal, Insurance companies are even giving refunds as the crash rates fall. 

One other positive factor regarding less cars on the road means we’re leaving the road open for emergency vehicles to get place to place quicker and more efficiently. 

Although this is a positive, its important not to get too comfortable on the spacious roads. Keep an eye out for pedestrians, your speed and stay focused!