Calhoun County, Illinois Go-Kart Accident Results in Settlement

A 16-year-old from Calhoun County, Illinois who was injured in a go-kart accident has received a confidential settlement in a personal injury case.

The incident occurred at a party supervised by parents who did not require the minors riding go-karts to wear helmets. The go-kart track was not secured and, in fact, there was barbed wire not far away.

The potential for danger became a reality when the brakes went out on the go-kart. The minor drove directly into a barbed wire face, permanently scarring his face and resulting in expensive medical bills.

The personal injury suit, filed by Michael P. Glisson from the law firm of WWF&G, claimed that the accident was caused in part by parental neglect. Had the adult supervisors provided or required helmets, or provided a safer riding area, the injury sustained would have been much less severe.

A settlement was reached after depositions but before the case went to trial.

In a study published in 1998 by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, statistics showed that 65% of those hospitalized for go-kart injuries were children under the age of 15. More than 10,000 people on average were hospitalized each year.

Much like ATV and bicycle accident cases, the firm of WWF&G is experienced in handling personal injury cases such as this go-kart accident suit, which can drastically affect the lives of young people. Attorneys Thomas O. Falb and Michael P. Glisson are invested in gaining results for today’s youth who have fallen victim to acts of negligence, causing emotional hardship and racking up medical bills.

The success of your case hinges on a number of factors. Licensed to practice in Illinois and Missouri, the attorneys of WWF&G are familiar with the statutes of limitations and applicable laws, which can vary from state to state.

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