Bridgeton, Missouri Civil Rights Lawsuit Filed by Prisoner from Wentzville

A man from Wentzville, Missouri jailed in Bridgeton has filed a civil rights lawsuit in federal court against the city’s police department for beating and tasing him unfairly.

According to an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the alleged police violation in the Bridgeton jail is being investigated by the FBI. A surveillance video from the time of the incident is available for viewing on

The has been treated for a swollen jaw and bruises. The plaintiff’s attorney claimed he came to his office with metal staples and Taser marks on his back as a result of the assault and battery.

The man was originally stopped for speeding. The arresting officers described him as uncooperative and smelling of alcohol. Due to his refusal to provide some personal information about himself, he was held in a cell, where the police violations allegedly occurred.

A study published by the National Criminal Justice Reference Service argues that police officers’ right to use physical force to apprehend suspects is right and just, but problems arise in the application of force. The report hypothesizes that the best ways to prevent police brutality are to continue training new officers even after they begin service, conducting psychological exams prior to police academy admittance, and establishing civilian review boards.

Fewer complaints of police violations were also reported about police departments with more officers who have lots of experience or are college educated, female, or African-American.

Police officers are a vital asset to keeping communities safe for their citizens. Unfortunate as it is, however, situations do arise where officers abuse their privileges and commit civil rights violations.

Law firms like WWF&G put offending officers and their police departments in check by holding them responsible for causing needless injuries or for using other unethical practices to apprehend suspects. Our attorneys are familiar with the law in both Illinois and Missouri and are licensed to prosecute civil rights cases across the bi-state region.

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