Work Zone Safety Tips

As summer picks up so does the amount of road construction going on. These few months are the busiest time of year for roadway construction.

Often times now, people are in a hurry to get where they want to go. Work zone situations can be frustrating but it is important to be patient and follow a few steps in order to maintain not only the worker’s safety but also your own and your passenger’s.

According to American Road & Transportation Builders Association there were 700 work zone fatalities and 35,526 work zone injuries in 2015. They offered a few tips to help in decreasing work zone accidents:

  • Know the work zone signs.

Look for the metal signs as well other indicators of how to pass through the zone safely such as traffic cones.

  • Pay attention to other drivers

Work zones often yield narrower lanes.

  • Stay focused.

Get rid of distractions including phones and food. Pay attention to the traffic ahead. Cars are most likely going a slower speed and break more often.

  • Expect the unexpected.

Be ready to react to things such as uneven pavement, loose gravel and work vehicles coming in and out of the zone.

  • Keep your cool. Be Patient.

Everyone seems to be in a rush these days but if there is an accident it is guaranteed to take much longer than it would have otherwise. So, keep your cool!

Get Help

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