Understanding the Catastrophic Nature of Paralysis

Understanding the Catastrophic Nature of ParalysisMotorcycle accidents, devastating truck accidents, slips and falls, and medical malpractice are a few of the many reasons people suffer catastrophic loss as a result of paralysis. When paralysis occurs, and recovery is limited or not possible, it completely changes a person’s life. These are some of the most damaging injuries because they trap you in a body that may no longer work the way it should, and that means every facet of your life is much different.

At Glisson Law, we have helped many people facing these catastrophic losses due to a personal injury to get compensation owed to them from those responsible. As some of the most critical cases because of the long-term impact of paralysis, we encourage you to contact us immediately for legal guidance and support throughout this process.

Why paralysis happens

Typically, spinal cord injury is the cause of paralysis. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke states that the spinal cord, which is made up of nerves and nerve fibers and travels from the base of your spine to your brain, can suffer damage at any point. Any damage can lead to a break in the communication pathway from that area of the body to the brain. When this occurs, your brain cannot receive or send messages to that area of the body, making it impossible for it to move.

The National Library of Medicine provides insight into how common this is. It’s estimated that 17,000 new cases of spinal cord injury occur each year in the U.S., with 38% of incidents stemming from motor vehicle collisions. For many, these cases are resolved, and a person gets better. Yet, for others, it is long-term, meaning there is no way for the nerve to heal and you to recover.

The impact of paralysis on a person’s quality of life

When a person suffers this type of devastating paralysis, the impact can be incredible. Each situation is different, but there are often dramatic outcomes. Here are a few examples.

Complications lead to numerous changes in the way the body works

For some people, complications from paralysis are numerous, including difficulty with cardiovascular and respiratory function. There are times when a person is unable to maintain bladder or bowel control. Their body’s natural ability to regulate temperature also becomes challenging. For many, sexual function becomes limited or different.

Immobility leads to deterioration of the muscles and skin

Over time, a person may experience changes to their skin from being immobile. This can lead to the onset of infection, which is an ongoing risk of complications and loss of life. It can also lead to a loss of muscle mass, which means that, over time, a patient’s muscles become weaker, and that can contribute to numerous health complications.

Changes in day-to-day life

Moving away from the impact on a person’s health, paralysis also impacts the way a person lives. They are not required to rely on other people to help them with getting through the day’s tasks and may find it impossible to maintain their homes as they once did. You may need help with:

  • Preparing meals
  • Personal hygiene
  • Engaging in work-related tasks
  • Getting around the community
  • Contacting professionals for help
  • Using equipment or tools

While there is some outstanding technology today to help facilitate a higher level of independence for those who have paralysis, this still means significant changes to your lifestyle.

You may not do the things you love to do

If you suffer paralysis, that can impact the activities you enjoy, or you may have to find new ways to engage with them. Swimming may not be an option the way it used to be, though adaptive methods may be available. You may find it hard to play games or engage in other activities you enjoy the way you used to do so.

The impact on relationships is profound

Even if you have the best spouse in the world, paralysis changes life and relationships in many ways. In some cases, that person now becomes your caregiver, which changes the roles within the relationship significantly, and that can make it hard to maintain the same expectations.

More so, friendships change when family and friends do not know how to support the needs of their loved one. People may not know how to help even if they want to do so.

Your earning capacity may change

In addition to these complications, you may no longer be able to work in the same way you once did. That can impact many factors in your life, including your ability to maintain financial stability, build wealth, or have the career you desire.

How we can help you as you face the catastrophic nature of paralysis

In situations where someone else caused these losses to happen to you, you may have the right to pursue financial compensation for them. There is no way for us to actually fix the problem and get you back to living your life as you did. However, with the help of our personal injury attorney, we can work closely with you to pursue compensation to help meet your financial needs.

Demonstrating how impactful this is on your life is one of the core reasons to work with an attorney. It is our job and goal to help show that you deserve compensation because of the losses you are facing due to another person’s negligence.

When you are facing catastrophic losses due to paralysis, and it is due to an accident another person caused, you deserve an aggressive, dedicated Alton-based personal injury attorney who can help you navigate your legal options. At Glisson Law, we have the profound experience and compassion our clients need during this difficult time to recoup the losses others owe to them.

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