St. Clair County Illinois Residents Join in Case Against Pfizer

Residents from St. Clair County, Illinois have joined other plaintiffs from the states of New York and Louisiana in a product liability lawsuit against Pfizer, a New York City-based pharmaceutical company.

The St. Clair County plaintiff claimed that Pfizer’s anti-epilepsy drug, Dilantin, caused her son to develop a chronic skin disorder that led to a his death. The disorder is referred to as Stevens Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidural Necrolysis in an article by the St. Clair Record.

The disorder causes skin discoloration, the loss of hair and nails, sharply decreased eyesight and organ damage.

The plaintiffs complained that Pfizer knowingly continued to market and distribute its product despite the knowledge that Dilantin caused extreme adverse effects to a portion of its users. As a result of Pfizer’s negligence to inform the general public about the potentially deadly side effects, the St. Clair County, New York and Louisana plaintiffs have dealt with disability, disfigurement, pain and loss of love and affection in the cases of death.

Pfizer allegedly has violated marketing and health care liability laws and has paid billions of dollars in fines for civil and criminal lawsuits. According to a fact sheet compiled by the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Pfizer’s $2.3 billion settlement is the largest in the Justice Department’s history of handing health care fraud cases.

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