St. Clair County, Illinois Harley Rider Sues Collinsville Driver for Wreck


A motorcycle rider from St. Clair County, Illinois has filed a motorcycle accident lawsuit against a road construction company and a car driver from Collinsville.

According to an article in the St. Clair Record, the two men collided on Interstate-55 headed west toward East St. Louis as the Collinsville man merged quickly into the Harley rider’s lane to avoid road construction. The accident caused the biker’s leg to break in several places.

The lawsuit, filed in St. Clair County Circuit Court, holds both the company that was doing roadwork on the interstate and the car driver responsible for their negligence and loss of consortium. The plaintiff alleged that the construction crew failed to provide enough signs to warn drivers of construction, which promoted reckless driving.

With the advent of text messaging, email, and browsing the internet by phone, reckless driving in construction zones has become a problem in Illinois. As such, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has established National Work Zone Awareness Week, which was observed in 2011 from April 4 to 8. IDOT wants Illinois drivers to know that text messaging impairs drivers, and even using a phone in an Illinois work or school zone is now illegal.

Although many bumper sticker campaigns and public efforts have been executed to make car drivers keep a good look-out for motorcyclists on Illinois roadways, motorcycle drivers still face some risks from reckless drivers. The case described above, which involved a car driver merging without looking in a construction zone, is just one instance of dangers bikers face every time they travel on two wheels.

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