Pontoon Beach, Illinois Widow Files Wrongful Death Suit

A woman whose husband died from a house fire has filed a wrongful death claim against the Pontoon Beach, Illinois man who started the nearby bonfire.

According to an article in The Telegraph, the late husband was visiting his friend and had fallen asleep inside his friend’s house when a bonfire the host had started caught the house on fire. The coroner ruled the death an accident, as the late husband had been intoxicated.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that deaths from fires are the third most common cause of death in the home. In 2009, one American citizen died in a fire every 175 minutes on average, while fire-related injuries occurred every 31 minutes.

Under both Illinois and Missouri law, there are a certain class of people who are entitled to bring a wrongful death case. Under Illinois law, the first class of people that can bring a claim are a spouse and children. In Missouri, this class also includes parents. If there are no survivors in this class, the next class of people that can recover may include parents, siblings and other relatives.

Obviously, there are many people who sustain damages when there is a wrongful death. However, the law must draw a line as to who may bring a claim. If this was not the case, there could be an infinite number of wrongful death claims related to one death.

Under both Illinois and Missouri law, there are statutes of limitations that apply in bringing a wrongful death claim. There is no reason to delay prompt attention to a wrongful death suit. Due to time limitations, the most important thing to do is to hire an attorney to explore your case and move forward with your claim.

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