NHTSA Launches Ad Against Drug Impaired Driving

On august 14th the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched its new ad campaign against drug impaired driving. NHTSA posts an impaired driving ad every year, however, it has never included drug impaired driving.

The normal, “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” has expanded to “If you feel different you drive different. Drive high get a DUI.”

“Drug-impaired driving is a growing problem in the U.S., and the laws are complex and vary by state.” The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility stated that “the use of marijuana before or while driving is a particular concern as it relates to young drivers. While the self-reported frequency of high school seniors driving after drinking has declined in recent years, the number of teens who reported driving after using marijuana has increased.” The most prevalent drug in nighttime drivers has been THC (Marijuana).

According to Governors Highway Safety Association, “There are over 400 drugs that are tracked by NHTSA that can cause impairment, and each one has a different impact on every user.”

It is crucial for drivers to realize that impact on yourself varies. You could be putting yourself, any one of your passengers and others sharing the road at risk. Is it worth it?