New Year Driving Resolutions

Happy New Year from us here at Glisson Law! We are hoping the holidays went well and that you are looking forward to 2021. 

The new year is here and along with it a fresh start. Millions of people are making their resolutions and working to stick to them. The type of resolutions typically made are about health and lifestyle such as to work out more, get organized, learn something new, be more successful in work. We have a new resolution we think everyone should be working on: better driving skills!

 Better driving skills are not a typical New Years resolution but this is why we think they should be: Americans spend around 18 days driving per year. That is a lot of time meaning a lot more time for error. Driving has become routine for most people but in fact driving can be quite dangerous. According to the CDC, “Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death in the U.S.”. This year let’s make a resolutions to be better and more responsible drivers.

Here are 9 ways to become a better, more responsible driver this year:

  1. Commit to driving without distractions. Commit to keeping the phone down and away.
  2. Never get behind the wheel while under the influence
  3. Commit to always following road signs and signals
  4. Always model good driving behavior in front of your children
  5. Use your seatbelt at all times no matter how short the drive may be
  6. Commit to regular and proper vehicle maintenance
  7. Remember to continue driving defensively
  8. Commit to driving the speed limit and remaining patient behind the wheel
  9. Commit to being sure the weather is safe before getting behind the wheel 

Happy New year and we hope you have a safe and successful 2021

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