How much safer are newer car models than older ones?

It has always seemed to be a safe assumption to say that newer car models are safer than older models.

NHTSA recently released data that shows just how much safer those newer models are.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “Using the most recent fatal crash data, this analysis supports previous research in finding that a higher proportion of the occupants of older MY vehicles suffered a fatal injury. In addition, the proportion of vehicle occupants who were fatally injured increases with the age of the vehicle”

Here is exactly how NHTSA breaks down the amount of fatalities based on the year of the car.

“1984 and earlier: 55%

1985-1992: 53%

1993-1997: 46%

1997-2002: 42%

2003-2007: 36%

2008-2012: 31%

2013-2017: 26%”

Although it may seem like the better financial decision to buy an older car there are many newer models today that are equipped with safety features that can be found on used car lots at an affordable price.

No matter whether you are buying a car for your teen or for yourself, remember to invest in safety.