Madison County Illinois Transit Bus Drives Into Home

A home in Collinsville, Illinois woke up to a Madison County Transit bus crushing one side of the home this past Saturday just after midnight. As a result of the bus accident, the home has been designated as unsafe to inhabit.

Homeowner June Willeford was in her second-floor bedroom when the bus hit the house. She said that she next heard her son scream from the basement, and she ran downstairs to check on him. Then, she want back upstairs and out the front door and found the bus under her side porch. Amazingly, there were no personal injuries.

According to news reports, the bus veered off the street and drove through the parking lot at Thomas Brothers Automotive next door, then over a chain-linked fence before hitting a porch on the side of Willeford’s house. The homeowner has moved into a Drury Inn until the damage can be repaired. No investigative reports have been issued.

Madison County Transit is a publicly funded governmental organization that offers fixed bus routes and other services. Some of its buses will have up to 5 cameras running at all times that should depict more details of the accident.

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