What to Keep in Your Winter Kit of Supplies

In an earlier blog we posted tips for driving in the winter. One was to keep a Winter kit of supplies in your car at all times. You never know what you’re going to need or when you’re going to need it. Staying prepared is the best way to go about things. Take precaution and carry the following things at all times in the winter months to ensure you don’t get stuck in a bind. 

  • Blankets or Warm Clothing

If you get stranded on the highway it is vital that you’ll be able to stay warm.

  • A First aid kit

Having a first aid kit may be crucial if someone gets injured in an accident.

  • A Portable phone charger

You want to be able to get in touch with someone or dial 911 if you are stranded and need help. 

  • A Flashlight

A flashlight could seriously come in handy at night if you need to find something in your car, change a flat tire or signal passing vehicles. A flash light becomes especially vital in the winter months as it gets darker a lot sooner. 

  • Water and Non perishable food

If you end up getting stuck in your car for a while or waiting for a tow truck food and water definitely come in handy. Keeping non perishables on hand is a great way to keep prepared. Granola bars are one great option. 

  • A Shovel

Keeping a shovel in the trunk will be useful if you end up needing to dig your car out of snow. 

  • Jumper Cables 

Jumper Cables come in handy especially in winter months when your battery may get too cold causing it to not start. You should always keep your own jumper cables in the trunk of your car. Assuming someone helping you restart your car will have them is not reliable.

  • An ice scraper

Snow and ice on your car can easily obstruct your line of vision. Keep a scraper and a brush in your car at all times in the winter so that you can park, get out and get the ice off before it becomes dangerous.