Electric Scooters Changing Transportation

I’m sure you have all seen the scooters taking the world by storm one city at a time. Or should I say the birds taking over transportation one flock at a time?

Both companies, Bird and Lime, are just around one year old and have experienced their ups and downs. Most of their downs has come with regulatory problems. However, there is no denying their evident growth.

Birds just Announced having 10 million rides since launching and has been placed in now over 100 cities. Lime has been valued at 1.1 billion while bird has been valued at 2 billion. Who knew a scooter startup would create such an excitement across the nation?

These products are electric scooters that the company scatters across a specific town or city. Pedestrians can scan them into their app and ride them as long as they wish, or as long as the battery lasts. The user can ride them and drop them off wherever their destination may be.  Riding these scooters costs one dollar to start and 15 cents for every minute they are ridden. These companies are changing the way we think of transportation once again.

There is no doubt that the companies are targeting Urban locations and College towns. With that in mind safety is a huge concern for both companies. Bird has posted these safety precautions to ensure the rides run smoothly for the riders and drivers sharing the road.

  • “Where to Ride

Ride in bike lanes or close to the right curb.

  • Where to Park

Park Birds out of the public right of way … Park Birds close to the curb… Make sure your kickstand is securely in the down position so that the Bird stays upright.

  • Wear a Helmet.

Bird offers free helmets to all active riders. Just cover shipping.

  • Rules of the Road

You must be 18+ years old with a valid driver’s license. Bird is fun with friends, but only one rider per Bird is permitted.

  • Use Caution

Always be aware of surrounding traffic, especially at intersections – cars are your biggest risk. Start off slowly while you get used to the accelerator and brakes. No one-handed rides. Put down the phone and coffee cup. No headphones – listen to what’s around you. Don’t ride if you’ve been drinking alcohol.”