East St. Louis Illinois Car Crash Leads to Accident Suit

A car crash which occurred on west-bound Interstate 64 in East St. Louis, Illinois has become cause for an auto accident suit.

According to a report published Friday on the Madison / St. Clair Record’s website, the plaintiff, a female, was rear-ended on the interstate. She stated that after a car in front of her stopped suddenly, she had to follow suit. The defendant, however, did not stop in time, and he slammed directly into the rear of the plaintiff’s vehicle.

The vehicle accident, which happened in April, caused injuries requiring surgery, as well as emotional suffering. The plaintiff now seeks an award in excess of $50,000 due to medical fees and money lost from missing work.

The Illinois Department of Transportation reports that 89,090 people were injured in car crashes last year. 800 crashes occurred each day on average. Approximately 4 percent of car-related injuries in the state occurred in Madison and St. Clair counties.

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