Dupo, Illinois Police Shooting May Lead to Police Violation Lawsuit

A Dupo, Illinois man shot by a municipal police officer is making plans to obtain legal counsel and file a police violation lawsuit against the officer and the police department.

According to an article in the Belleville News-Democrat, a police officer arrived at the man’s house due to a domestic disturbance call. At first, the man refused to come out. When he finally did, the officer spotted a weapon of some sort in his hand — thinking it might possibly be a gun — and shot him immediately. The bullet went through his arm and into his chest, which caused tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills.

As it turned out, the object in the man’s hand was a baton used by police. The police department found no wrongdoing in the officer’s actions, and there are no criminal charges being made against either the man of the officer. Although the man does not wish for the officer to receive jail time, as he admitted he was clearly intoxicated and not fully in control of himself, he did wish to obtain damages from the city for medical bills and pain and suffering.

As of the News-Democrat article’s publication, no lawsuit has been filed yet in St. Clair County Circuit Court, but the man said he had contacted a lawyer.

Trained to serve and protect, police officers are tasked with serving the greater good and enforcing local laws. It’s tragic and ironic, then, when officers break the law by making false arrests or using excessive force against suspects.

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