Dorsey, Illinois Pit Bull Owner Sued

A man from Dorsey, Illinois attacked on his property by two dogs has filed a dog bite lawsuit against their owner.

A pit bull and a doberman mix encroached on the man’s property and began attacking his dog as he was mowing the lawn. When he stopped mowing to separate the dogs, the defendants’ dogs attacked. According to the lawsuit, the attack with vicious and without provocation.

The man sustained permanent injuries as a result of the incident, including injuries to his left hand, lower back, legs and toes.

The lawsuit, filed by Michael Glisson from the law office of Williamson, Webster, Falb & Glisson in Alton, Illinois, contains one count of negligence and one count of violating the Animal Control Act. The suit argues that the owner of the pit bull and doberman were negligent in their care of the animals, failing to train them, leash them and prevent them from entering another person’s property with full knowledge that the dogs were dangerous.

Glisson’s suit, filed in Madison County Circuit Court, also claims the owners should have euthanized the dogs due to their propensity for violence.

According to a stats and tips sheet released by the County of Los Angeles Public Health Department, homeowners’ liability insurance covers more than $1 billion a year in dog attack claims. Safety tips offered by the department include being still when approached by an unfamiliar dog, avoiding eye contact, and refraining from petting a dog that is sleeping or eating.

It’s an unfortunate fact that “man’s best friend” can become a fearsome attacker. Especially in fiercer breeds of dogs, a dog’s predatory instinct can come out in scary ways when an owner mistreats or neglects it. Those dogs, when unleashed or not properly contained, can attack and cause serious physical and mental damage to humans, especially small children. The attorneys at Williamson, Webster, Falb & Glisson understand your pain and are available to help you recover damages from dog bites.

Michael Glisson and Thomas Falb of WWF&G specialize in handling personal injury cases and are experienced with dog bite and attack claims. See the firm’s Results Page for just one example of a dog bite case that resulted in a $200,000 settlement.