Common Causes of Cycling Accidents

Summer months are a great time to get out and on get some exercise on a bike. Riding a bike can be incredibly fun and safe at the same time. However, if you or others around you aren’t cautious or lose focus of whats going on serious accidents can occur. 

Here are some of the most common biking accidents according to Fortified Bike:

  1. Collision with a car 

“3,300 cyclists were killed in crashes between 2008 and 2012 and the cyclist being struck by the front of a vehicle caused a whopping 74% of those deaths.”

2. Getting hit from behind

“Of all fatalities in the IIHS study, an astounding 45% were caused when a vehicle was traveling the same direction as the cyclist.”

Be extremely cautious of the cars coming behind you. Ensure that you are visible from all angles. 

3.  Getting hit while crossing a street (T-bone)

“11% are caused by a car running into a cyclist crossing its path perpendicularly.”

Do everything you can to ensure the drivers see you when you are crossing a street. Be positive that it is your turn to cross the street before pulling out in an intersection.

4. Not wearing proper gear to be seen

“Studies show that cyclists are chronically bad at estimating how visible they are on the road.”

Reflectors often help with visibility of a cyclist. In fact, studies show that “cyclists wearing a reflective vest plus knee and ankle reflectors were recognized 90% of the time, while the “vest only” group was noticed 50% of the time.”

Lights are the best way to ensure drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists see you coming/going. 

5. Cycling in the dark

Don’t ride at night without lights connected to the front and rear of your bike. This will drastically increase your visibility.